• Feb 6, 2020

the British short-haired cats in art

Most famous "British" among literary characters — certainly, the Cheshire Kot who is thought up by Lewis Carrol for "Alice in Wonderland". By the way, fans of breed consider that one of distinctive signs of the British short-haired cat is her smile.
 the British short-haired cat in Alice in Wonderland On a photo: The Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland" — British short-haired
A if you love horror films, but not fairy tales, then for certain remember a cat from the movie "Cemetery of Pets" on the novel by Stephen King.

However, "British" are presented not only in movies. Cats of this breed were chosen for advertizing of a forage "Whiskas" by manufacturing firm.

A the St. Petersburg photographer Andy Prokh created a remarkable series of pictures in which he imprinted right friendship of the daughter Katerina with the British short-haired cat Lila Blya Royal Lada.

British short-haired
Kot from China by nickname Banye became famous for the whole world for what always looks awfully surprised. For this feature he was nicknamed "OMG cat": it is possible to think that he, looking at the world, constantly exclaims "Oh, my God!" "Oh My God!"

Famous owners of the British short-haired cats

Elena Proklova lodged lilac British in the house, the same cat became the favourite of the composer Nikolay Petrov.
Alexander Kutikov ("Time machine") also did not resist a charm of the British short-haired cats.
A Vladimir Zhirinovsky named the blue British Churchill.

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