• Jan 13, 2020

Maine Coons at cinema

the Cat of breed a Maine Coon of Pebbls played a role of Mrs. Norris, Argus Filcha's favourite. Пебблс found in an animals shelter. It not too well studied difficult tricks, but perfectly moved and on command stopped.
 the Maine Coon in movies about Harry Potter
the Maine Coon acted in the 12-serial children's movie "Striped Happiness". By the way, the employee of the Belarusian state circus became the trainer on the shooting stage.

Okhio's Maine Coon played a role of Maribor, the partner and devoted servant of the angry sorcerer Rabija von Katzenstein in the German children's movie "Bibi Bloksberg and Secret of Blue Owls" about the little witch Bibi Bloksberg. Maribor flies on a broom and observes magic rituals.

the Maine Coon the Buttercup — one of characters of the movie "Hungry games: Soyka-peresmeshnitsa".
 the Maine Coon at cinema
Also these giants of the cat's world took part in the movie "Red Dog" which actions transfer us to Australia. And while the dog performs the terrestrial mission, the cat competes with it.

Act Maine Coons and in commercials.

Maine Coons in science

In 2004 happened the first cloning of a cat to a commercial purpose. The Maine Coon Littl Niki fell "victim". After the death of the pet the hostess paid 50,000 dollars that the Californian firm created his copy. The cat acting as substitute mother safely took out a kitten and gave birth to him. The kid was very similar to the late ancestor as externally, and on temperament.


the longest domestic cat — Stewy, it grew to 123 cm (from a nose tip to a tail tip).

the Maine Coon Metis Velveteen is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cat. 01.08.2015 he celebrated the 26th birthday.

Missie's Maine Coon grew usishchi-vibrissa 19 cm long. Average length вибрисс at Maine Coons — up to 14 cm


of Maine Coons were considered a mascot by seamen of warships. The cat by the name of Kapitan-Dzhenks-Iz-Morskoy-Kavalerii became the first seaman. He even became the hero of songs. And residents of the American State of Man to honor breed, released a commemorative coin.
 the Coin with a Maine Coon of a photo
On a photo: a coin with the image of a Maine Coon

Famous owners of Maine Coons

Ernest Hemingway was a big fan of cats. At it there lived 57 representatives of breed! And some had about 6 fingers on paws. On one of the islands of Florida their descendants (44 pieces) still live and the museum is open. Among cats there are owners of amusing nicknames (Sophia Loren, Gertrude Stein, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin and Hary Truman).

Elena Mikhalkova, the author of detective stories, writes in social networks kind and ridiculous stories about the pet Maine Coon.

the Maine Coon Sawyer – Irina Dubtsova's pet.

Cats Alice and Eliseus a Maine Coon saved breeds from loneliness of the actor Alexander Oleshko.

A Pavel Volya has a humoresque devoted to a cat to the Boomer. The owner complains that the forage for a cat is to it more expensive, than own food. But the Boomer compensates all by purring – on loudness can compete to the tractor!

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