• Feb 6, 2020

Nevsky maskaradny at cinema

Kot of breed Nevsky maskaradny by the name of the Blue-eyed Angel from the USA played a leading role in the movie "Nine Lives". The millionaire workaholic Tom Brend cannot find time for family, and even the gift for the daughter got at the last minute. She dreamed of a cat therefore Tom chooses a cat by the name of Fluffy Trousers. The unlucky father hurries for a holiday and has an accident, and having recovered, finds out that he moved to a body of a cat. How to return itself habitual human shape? Or he is fated to remain forever "in a skin" the pet — in the direct slmysl?

Famous owners of the Nevsky maskaradny cats

the Representative of breed by the name of Dorofei became Dmitry Medvedev's pet.
Medvedev presented
of Kittens of the same breed to Tarja Halonen, the ex-president of Finland.
A of Anastasia Volochkova of a kitten Nevsky maskaradny Georges was presented as a gift for birthday by the former spouse.

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