• Feb 6, 2020

the Persian cats at cinema

of the Persian cats is very much liked to be removed at cinema. And they play the most different roles: from sophisticated villains to intellectual assistants to good genii.
For example, in the movie "Cats against Dogs" the white Persian Mr. Tinkls is the artful conqueror of the world.
persidskaya a cat in the movie "Cats against Dogs" On a photo: A frame from the movie of "A cat against dogs"
A here Hermione Granger's pet the Monster – on the contrary, full of self-respect and a clever Persian cat.
 the Persian cat in movies about Harry Potter On a photo: The monster — Hermione Granger's pet from a series of movies about Harry Potter

Famous owners of the Persian cats

of the Persian cats not for nothing call royal breed. The English Queen Victoria was a happy owner of blue Persian cats and even took breed under the protection.
Also passionate admirers of breed were Marie Antoinette and also kings Louis XIV and Louis XV.
of Persians was kept in the house in Cuba by Ernest Hemingway.
the Persian cats lived at the British singer and the vocalist of Queen Freddie Mercury.
 Freddie Mercury and the Persian cat On a photo: Freddie Mercury's and his Persian cat
of the Persian cats were chosen as favourites by Anastasia Volochkova, Valery Meladze, Aleksandra Marinina and Yury Antonov.

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