• Feb 6, 2020

Siamese cats in animated films

In the animated film "Lady and Tramp" of steam of villains – Siamese cats – get on curtains, spoil furniture and frighten the child.
siamskiye of a cat in the animated film "Lady and Tramp" On a photo: Siamese cats in the animated film "Lady and Tramp"

Siamese cats at cinema

the Siamese cat of Payveket – the hero of the movie "Bell, Book and Candle".

Tao - "Siamese's"
from the movie "Improbable Travel" (1963)

of the Siamese cat of Disi can be seen in the picture "This Wild Cat".

Siamese cats in books

Siamese cats are heroes of a cycle of books of D. Tobias of "A cat in the house", "Cats in May", "New cats in the house", "Sess's Appearance", "The new boy" and "A million things to do".

the Siamese cat of Tao – one of the main characters of the book Sh. Barnford "An improbable travel".

the Siamese cat of Lulu "participates" in the book by P. Geliko "Jannie".

the Siamese aristocrat Marie Antoinette is published in the book by Z. Zhuravleva "Somersaults through the head".

"Siamese" Koko and Yum-Yum – heroes of a cycle of detectives L. J. Brown "A cat who …" Mysterious crimes would be left unsolved Without their participation!

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