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the biggest cats are of particular interest. In consciousness of the person the dog is associated with the large sizes, and the cat is a soft, little and gentle being. But when you see a cat of the size of a huge dog, heart fades with delight. There are several cat breeds of the big sizes.

What Biggest Cats
the biggest cats cause special интерес.

Большая Asher's beauty

Iskusstvenno the removed breed has the huge sizes. There are no other such cats in the world any more. Creation of this breed came to the end in 2006. The African servala and leopard cats became ancestors. The biggest cat breed sometimes is called as a domestic leopard. There is no wonder, they grow to 1 m and gain weight to 15 kg. Ashera — the real giants. The body is strong, brawny. Extremities are powerful, the head large. Wool spotty, with brown or white spots. Ashera's happen:

  • usual;
  • royal;
  • snow;
  • hypoallergenic.

In spite of the fact that it is the biggest domestic cats, the breed does not differ in aggression. Ashera — lovely and kind animals. Character balanced and reserved. Love active games, wait for attention and encouragement from owners. Are allocated with the developed intelligence. Cats and cats of this breed are sociable, easily find a common language with all animals, even with dogs. Are not whimsical and can quietly walk on a lead.

What Biggest Cats
the Big beauty of Asher
the largest cat breed in life is unpretentious

. You should not think that they need royal leaving. They a little in what differ from ordinary cats. Main requirements:

  1. Regularly to comb out wool.
  2. To cut claws and to establish a kogtetochka in the house.
  3. To bathe only as necessary.
  4. Food includes crude meat, except pork to avoid emergence of helminths.
  5. Fish sea in the raw, river in boiled.
  6. A dry feed in the minimum quantities as can cause an urolithic disease.
  7. Regular survey of the veterinarian and vaccination.

Today huge cats seldom meet in houses if only you not the owner of the luxurious mansion also decided to make an impression on guests. By the way, Asher – small breed.

The following largest breed of domestic cats – the savanna.

the largest cats in the world (video)


the Savanna is the regal person

This breed was removed to take away from houses of rich people of wild animals. Many sought to catch a cheetah or a leopard and to leash him. The savanna became good replacement. The first representative of big cats was born in 1980. Scientists crossed the African serval and a domestic cat.

the largest cats are similar to a little cheetah. Sure to become, long legs, gepardovy coloring of wool, large ears. The biggest cats grow to 45 cm and about 14 kg weigh. Character at the savanna appeasable and soft. She likes to play and frolic. Wishes to take a bath together with the owner. Jumps high therefore you should not be surprised if it with ease overcomes ladder flight. Likes to travel, walk on a lead. She is not timid, on the street behaves like the imperial person. Prefers to spend time in the bosom of the family. Always happens the central figure. Easily gets on with all pets in the house and becomes the secret leader. She has to be aware of all affairs. Nothing will escape from its attention. Being a clever animal, respects intellectually developed representatives. Approaches dogs more often. In them she sees to herself equal. Weak she is ready to protect, as well as owners in case of danger.

Large cats do not bring trouble. Leaving is usual, does not demand special efforts. These cats differ in excellent health. The balanced food, fresh air and physical activities will allow to keep health for many years.

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the Maine Coon – the fluffy good-natured person

One more biggest domestic cat in the world whose breed was removed in the 19th century. Pride of North America has also other name – an enotovy cat. There is a beautiful legend of love of a domestic cat and an enotikha. People like to explain these a beautiful striped tail and some habits. Scientists incline to the theory of natural formation of breed. Severe climatic conditions tempered these representatives of the cat family. Maine Coons already conquered the countries of the whole world. They have the greatest complaisance from all large breeds.

It is the largest domestic cats with long wool, 15 kg weigh on average. Color of wool can be different, but the established standards demand a chocolate, Siamese and lilac coloring. Wool consists of several layers, it soft and silky. Tail long and fluffy. On ears amusing brushes therefore they bear to a lynx a strong resemblance. The big cat is allocated with the developed intelligence. Everything that they do, makes sense. It is interesting to watch them, cogitative and active pets are capable to surprise the owners. Main features:

  1. Like to walk, quietly react to a lead.
  2. The hunter's instinct is very developed, always tries to catch somebody.
  3. Does not like to sit on hands, you should not squeeze him.
  4. An indispensable condition are physical activities.
  5. Likes to bathe, it is possible to carry out water procedures regularly.
  6. Quickly claws grow, even the kogtetochka not always saves, they should be cut.
  7. The domestic cat prefers to be at any height, it is better to give him such opportunity, otherwise he will find to himself the place.

It is necessary to feed them with meat, excepting pork and mutton. It is possible to give chicken meat and fish, but previously it needs to be welded. Milk is excluded, but cream and cottage cheese are allowed.

The big cat sometimes reminds a dog, so he is clever and gives in to trainings. In family happens the main favourite.

What Biggest Cats
the Maine Coon

of Chauzi – the wild prankish

The biggest domestic cats are presented by breed of a chauza. This is the descendant of a marsh lynx. There was a breed in Egypt. The American selectors decided to part chauz, but met great difficulties. Not always it was possible to receive necessary pedigree qualities. As a result scientists came to a conclusion that this breed can be crossed to ordinary domestic cats or to abissina.

The appearance of a chauza received from a cane cat, and sweet temper — from a domestic cat. At a meeting with such beauty desire to stroke and take on hands is big. They possess the beautiful wool proud of a bearing and smooth movements. Cats and cats clean, intelligent and well-mannered. Small-sized apartments of a chauza will not approach. They need long stay on air therefore the country house with a clean lawn will be just right. It is breed of big prankishes. Can always create something extraordinary. For example, will begin to conquer peaks, to lap in a toilet bowl, to catch in an aquarium of small fishes. It is necessary to be engaged in education from first months, otherwise the real savage will grow up.

Чаузи have the following characteristics:

  • the dense body, weight is from 4 to 15 kg;
  • the head is small, in the form of a wedge;
  • eyes are large, almond-shaped or oval;
  • extremities powerful and strong.

Chauz becomes decoration of many houses. Owners are not tired to admire appeasable and inquisitive temper of the alumna.

On the fifth place in category representatives of breed пиксибоб accommodated.

What Biggest Cats
of Chauzi

of Piksibob – an amusing tail

The next biggest cat in the world is result of work of the American selectors. The breed was removed at the end of the 20th century by crossing of a North American lynx and a domestic cat. of Feature of breed:

  1. The average weight of males reaches 7 kg, maybe it is more.
  2. Wool is both short, and long.
  3. Color gray or brown with obligatory existence of spots and strips.
  4. A body strong with a deflection on a back.
  5. Extremities are powerful, forepaws are shorter than back.
  6. Representatives of this breed can meet 6 or 7 fingers. It confirms presence of a gene of a lynx.
  7. Tail thick and short.
  8. Big nose.
  9. Ears large with brushes at the edges.
  10. Eyes are widely put, have the almond-shaped form.
What Biggest Cats

Представители breeds of big cats пиксибоб attentive and quiet. Always come to call, can bring toys. Never arrange scenes. Aggression is not peculiar to them. Treat strangers calmly, claws do not release. Do not like to get highly as other large cat breeds. The sofa will become the favourite place. Always try to be near the owner. do not stand loneliness. If to leave them some for long time, become despondent and begin to grieve. Do not demand food, peacefully wait for the invitation. Prefer to sleep near the owner. Love water procedures and with pleasure lap everywhere where will find water.

All these cat breeds show how desire of the person to bridle the nature was big. People are so suited, always dream of unattainable. Beauty of the wild nature fascinates and bewitches. The quiet strength and power of a wild animal gives rise to passionate desire to subdue him. And it is not important what breed at this animal, marsh is a cat, a lynx, a leopard, servala or abissina. To receive animal, capable to live near the person, everyone crossed to a domestic cat. Long and laborious work of selectors allowed to enjoy such amazing breeds today.

the Interesting facts about cats (video)

Additional recommendations

Irrespective of the fact which the breed will be chosen, it is necessary to remember:

  1. If the cat becomes the new family member, the most heavy responsibility will lay down on the owner's shoulders.
  2. Pets should not be ignored, the positive psychological background in family has paramount value.
  3. Never you should forget that these cats have genes of a wild animal.
  4. It is impossible to show disrespect and aggression, they do not suffer it.
  5. Children since small years have to understand that animals are not a subject for mockeries. They can answer.
  6. A basis of food are meat products after special processing.

At the correct approach to education large breeds of domestic cats can become for the person the best friends.

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