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Fans of cats face every day wool scraps which literally fill all apartment. Because of it many refuse an invention to get houses a cat. Felinologiya which try to create the cat breed which does not have own smell and not fading decided to resolve this issue. At the moment there is no absolute result, but it is possible to mark out several breeds which partially meet these requirements.


What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade

Representatives of this breed are completely deprived of wool. Therefore they can be referred to the most nonfading breeds safely. The lack of wool is caused by a mutation which geneticists removed in regularity. Some kittens can be born with wool, but by two years it completely will drop out.

Externally it is difficult to distinguish these cats. Nevertheless, there are several breeds of sphinxes:

  • Golorozhdennye – individuals have no wool and an underfur, some also have no eyebrows and moustaches. Only during the winter period on a body of such cats rare hairs of average length can appear and grow.
  • Velours or a flock sphinxes – their body is covered with a nice on the touch down which can cover both all body, and its certain sites.

There are exceptional cases when the animal is born with long wool, but until growing approach it completely drops out.


This breed is very unique. It is the first breed hybrid of a domestic and wild cat.

The distinctive feature of this breed is that she does not demand leaving. Such procedures as comb-out and bathing, are alien to this animals.

Seven days later after the birth at kittens there comes the fazing – process which is peculiar only to wild cats. The essence of a fazing is that the bright color of a kitten hides behind a dense underfur which grows more long, than ostevy a hair.

In nature the individual becomes almost imperceptible as completely merges with the environment. There is it because the cat changes the brightness and appeal.

In the course of growth of a kitten there is an excommunication from mother, the kid begins to eat firm food independently. Muscles become stronger, and a body – prompt and easy.

By 4-9 months all underfur completely gets out, and hair of an animal becomes glitterny, brilliant. Repeatedly the underfur does not grow for this reason it is possible and not to think of a molt.

What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade

of Siamo-oriyentalnaya group

A number of animals who have no underfur belongs to this breed. All her representatives are natives of east and warm countries. Their ancestors lived in the warm countries therefore with change of a season there was no need "to change a dress".

The woolen cover at them short, brilliant and densely adjoins to a body. If daily to carry out it is damp a hand on a body of an animal, then at this moment there will be a natural change of an ostevy hair.

In siamo-oriental group carry:

  • Siamese;
  • Abbisinsikh;
  • Oriyentalov;
  • Thai;
  • Mekong bobtails;
  • The Scythian melt tones;
  • Balinezov;
  • To Burm.

What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade


One more breed which on an equal basis with sphinxes does not fade. But if the first have specific appearance and are pleasant only to some people, then the second have classical appearance and almost do not fade.

The following kinds of reks belong to nonfading:

  • Devon-reks is the breed recommended to allergic persons. They do not fade and do not exude a smell. At them short, but dense wool for this reason animals need regular bathing. Otherwise the fur coat of an animal becomes sticky.
  • Cornysh-reks – differs in the fact that individuals have no long pile, only the rare underfur reminding a down grows.
  • A Selkirk Rex – are long-haired and short-haired. Wool is externally similar to sheep.

What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade

Russian blue

This breed possesses an unusual color and a dense underfur which prevents a molt. Besides, advantage is that individuals do not allocate the smell. Generally, such cats are allocated with remarkable character, they are betrayed to the owner and very much get on with children. They are referred to one of the most demanded breeds of the world.

Hair of an animal is hypoallergenic. Hairs have structure which is practically not exposed to destruction. Exactly thanks to the lowered fragility the molt occurs imperceptibly.

What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade


Nibelungs are rare animals who resemble the Russian blue superficially. Difference between them one – nibelungs have longer wool. It does not differ from wool of the Russian blue therefore they do not fade and allergic persons can get them safely.

What Cat Breeds Practically Do Not Fade

Do you want to get a kitty, but you are stopped by constant cleaning of wool from furniture and clothes? There is a solution. You need to choose an animal who treats nonfading breeds. Then you will have a devoted friend, and nothing will spoil pleasures from keeping of a cat.

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