• Sep 17, 2019
you resolved
that your house has not enough cat, and are ready though tomorrow to go for the new friend. It was necessary to choose whom you want to get: thoroughbred pet or not purebred?

 Not purebred cat of a photo
U of each of options is the pluses.

the Thoroughbred cat, most likely, will look and behave as it is provided by the standard. Besides, you will be able to show the pet at exhibitions.

If you incline to this option, it was necessary to choose breed . There is no statistics on the most popular breeds in Belarus as the majority of cats is not registered anywhere, but, for example, in the USA the five of the most popular breeds looks as follows:
  1. Persian.
  2. Maine Coon.
  3. Siamese.
  4. Exotic short-haired.
  5. Abyssinian.
to decide on breed, it is worth studying all available information, to communicate to manufacturers and owners, to visit exhibitions. So you will be able to choose the pet who in the best way will fit into your family and will correspond to your character and a way of life.

 Thoroughbred cat of a photo
on the other hand, not purebred cat can become not less favourite family member. They are not less tender and beautiful, than their thoroughbred relatives. Besides, they can "brag" of more extensive gene pool that often does them healthier and mentally steady.

 Striped kitten of a photo
All cats are equally worthy admiration, irrespective of breed.

Anyway if you are not going to breed cats (and it is better to leave it to professionals), the pet should be sterilized – it will allow you to avoid a set of troubles.

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