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to cats. And people who love all rare and unusual, surely will be interested in the least cats in the world. Small cats win hearts the original and charming appearance, features of behavior and, of course, pleasant purring.

What Cats — the Smallest in the World
Small cats win hearts original and charming external видом


It is the smallest cat breed in the world. Representatives of this breed very tiny, and their weight is in limits of 900-2500 g, and seldom what individuals gain 2.5 kg. They have a small body which muscles are very well developed. They have very unusual short tail twirled by a spiral thanks to what externally it is similar to a downy pompon. Their eyes of a saturated blue shade, widely open and very expressive . Of representatives of breed of that - the bean is characteristic a color, as well as at Siamese cats. But at the same time they have lovely, sweet temper. Level of their sociability is so high that they not to be afraid even of unfamiliar. Such pets are obedient and easily study simple teams.

The history of origin of this breed is very interesting. In 1982 Elena Krasnichenko found a street cat in Rostov-on-Don and took away it to herself, having given it a nickname Mischa. This Thai cat belonged to old Siamese to type. It had a short tail on which defined 4 zalom. In 2 years Krasnichenko had the Thai kitty by nickname Sima whom it also took from the street. This kitty had an unusual short tail a bagel too.

the smallest cat breeds (video)

Once in a dung of this couple the unusual tiny kitten with a short tail appeared. Thanks to such feature appropriated it the nickname Scanty. And after it was shown at an exhibition, the idea of creation of new breed arose. Scanty 2 cats too of old Siamese origin – the Doll and the Puma perfectly were suitable for knitting. They became primogenitors of the latest breed which appeared in 1994 which initial name was the Scythian - melt - that is Don. "Scythian" – because the breed arose on the earth where earlier Scythians lived, "melt" – because individuals of new breed on appearance very much reminded the Thai cats, "that" are because because of the small sizes these cats were perceived as toy, Don – the name of the river flowing through Rostov-on-Don.

During process of cultivation of cats of this breed they were observed by specialists veterinarians of the VETERA center. No pathologies and deviations in their physiology were registered. They observed excellent health, good immunity, steady mentality and correctly developed nervous system. The being born kittens were viable.

In 2014 this breed was approved officially, having appropriated it the international name of that - a bean.

What Cats — the Smallest in the World

Порода to a kinkalo

Small cat breeds are presented also to a kinkalo. the Average body weight of such small animals is in an interval of 1.3-3 kg. They are very graceful and beautiful. Short paws, the bent ears, very beautiful color from white to chocolate and a brilliant hair, fantastically soft to the touch are characteristic of them. These pets submit not only the original appearance, but also charm, friendliness and irrepressible inquisitiveness. Kinkalou is the cat having remarkable health and high endurance. Though this look is unpretentious in leaving, it needs to be protected. It is very rare and exclusive breed, the number of her representatives is estimated in only several tens.

She was brought by Terry Harris in the course of crossing of manchik and American curls. He set before himself the purpose to bring korotkolapy cats and received result even better than expected.

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of the Cat ламбкин

The exact history of origin of breed is unknown. But an established fact that it is one more small breed cat's which, as well as many other small cat breeds, was are removed in the artificial way. Lambkin, or лэмбкин, are the surprising cats who appeared after crossing of manchik and a Selkirk Rex. The most unique feature of this breed is curly wool which is very nice on the touch because of the softness. From here and the name which is literally translated "lamb".

Lambkin is the cat having surprising color of eyes of the clear and clear sky. Eyes have an almond-shaped and oval outline and are put a little bit slantwise. A body at them slightly extended form, a pad short, podgy and strong. All these signs add to them a bigger charm. They are very lovely, tender, friendly, sociable and moderately cheerful. Such pets will not miss and will find a way to lighten themselves the mood, but their game will never be beyond reasonable and legal. So the possibility of unpleasant consequences is excluded.

Lembkinam very much is pleasant attention which to them is shown by the owner, and they will go on any tricks that to attract it, trying to keep always nearby. They are very loyal and attentive friends. Because of the hair these pets demand careful leaving, as well as other long-haired cats. They need to be bathed, combed, cut, without allowing wool to grow to such length when the dense confused koltuna can be formed.

What Cats — the Smallest in the World

of the Cat минскин

One more rare cat breed received in the course of connection of a manchik and a nonhairy Canadian sphinx to which the burma and Devon-reks were still connected then. They the small size, on average their height are about 18-20 cm, and weight – from 1.8 to 2.7 kg.

Ears, the head and pads of individuals of this breed are covered with dense wool which satin smoothness is madly nice on the touch. Their body possesses a rare and short hair which can be compared to cashmere. But tummy always naked. Eyes of minskin are big and expressive. They can watch so attentively that can seem that their look is sent to soul of the person.

Despite short legs, are very mobile of a minskina. They have playful temper. Such pets very inquisitive and resourceful. Minskin is very clever and to think out for himself entertainments is his hobby. Observation of the creative course of a game of a minskin brings pleasure and leaves pleasant impressions, lightening the mood for long time.

What Cats — the Smallest in the World

Дружелюбие representatives of breed минскин is boundless. They will make friends also a dog, and with a rodent whom the owner can hold. At the same time минскин strongly becomes attached to the owner. And, if that is going to go to a business trip or to a holiday, then it is better to take a cat in the road, than to doom to loneliness which he should transfer hard. Minskin will perfectly feel in the vehicle. On the new place its activity will gain moderate character, and it will not bring upon the owner unpleasant trouble. Such cat will express with heat and love gratitude that his important interests are not infringed.

This breed is unpretentious in leaving and in food. the Most important, it is necessary to bathe them often and to feed well. Minskina very much like to eat what small they would not be. Most likely, it because a lot of energy is spent for their high activity.

Minskina – very young breed which is even in process of experimental removal. During the researches it is established that they can have an allergy and diseases of a musculoskeletal system.

What Cats — the Smallest in the World


The Singapore cats are one more representatives of small breeds cat's. Wool is characteristic of them silky, short, without underfur. Their color is in a palette of golden and cream shades. Only on ears, the head and a back wool goes dark brown tone. From Singapore proceeds a surprising luminescence, that represents the most original line of breed. They have big eyes differing in delightful expressiveness.

They by the nature timid and very much do not love when at their presence there is a quarrel or scandal is developed. They with care treat new people, and they need enough time to look narrowly and get used to the person. Mad tricks are not inherent in them so they will not bring to owners any troubles. Only she will be able to show to the person to whom such cat will get used the naughty behavior which all the same will be graceful.

the Rusty cat

of the Cat of this breed peaceful and friendly creations are figure id="attachment_4917" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-4917">. Accepting caress and care from the owner, the cat will surely show reciprocal tenderness. But all the same will remain independent and independent and will make decisions itself only personally. Singapura, one may say, as proud ladies in whom the delicate condescension is inherent. They by the nature true cats.

the History of origin of the Singapore cats is filled with mystery. in accuracy knows Nothing. Some call them "cats of love", others – "children of ditches". Allegedly on the island Singapore forefathers of this breed lived in rainwater catchments and pipes. When there works on reconstruction of a sewer system were carried out, population of this look was doomed to extinction. But once a certain European took several cats for removal of breed who have to be tiny. Then removal of small breeds of cats interested many. Then singapura also became general favourites.

the least animals in the world (video)

Rusty cat

It is the little kitty living in the wild nature, meets on Sri Lanka and in India. It is very small because its weight reaches only 1.5 kg. Red shades of wool with the dark impregnations having the form of spots are characteristic of it. Representatives of this most unique look remained very little, and over time them becomes less. Now they are under the threat of extinction.

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