• Aug 22, 2019

More than 30% of pets are traumatized, without going outside. The danger traps a cat even in her territory. Some household appliances or home decoration to which the person so got used can do harm to an animal.

What Dangers Trap a Domestic Cat in the Apartment

Washing machine

Almost all cats adore hiding in secluded corners. Besides things of the owner attract the pet. All know how animals like to have a sleep in a case or on the clothes forgotten in a chair.

The open door of the washing or drying machine will undoubtedly attract attention a small animal. You should not think that if your cat never climbed in the machine, it does not happen.

Surely check a drum before washing. Even the short time spent by an animal in the switched-on device will lead to irreversible consequences.

Garbage can

A trouble floor if your cat finds the spoiled products or food in a garbage can harmful to it.

Sharp small objects, a wire or fish bones which can injure a GIT can become more terrible find. Eating of such contents of a bucket will be led not just to poisoning, and to serious traumatizing internals of an animal.

You keep a bucket in the place, remote for cats.


The rustling objects attract a cat.

The substances which are used at production of packages are dangerous if to apply them in food, but unfortunately the kitty does not know about it.

Games with packages can lead to a suffocation if the fluffy small animal gets confused and will get stuck in the package handle.

of the Wire

Cables and wires which are energized can hit a cat with current. The outcome can be deadly to the favourite.

It is possible to avoid danger having hidden all wires in a box. Do not leave unguarded an electro-devices charger, earphones.

Punish an animal if you find it behind damage of wires. Timely punishment of a kitten will help with the future to avoid problems already with an adult cat.

If misfortune after all happened, first of all, it is necessary to stop impact of current on an animal. If pulse of a small animal is normal and he breathes, all the same go to the veterinarian.

Window plants

The plants decorating the apartment can be dangerous. Many known window plants contain poison which at hit in an organism causes serious problems in the juice.

From what plants it is worth protecting an animal:

  • Aloe;
  • Azalea;
  • Begonia;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Monstera;
  • Geranium;
  • Decembrist.

New Year tree

Brilliant spheres and the rustling rain – all this will not leave indifferent a cat.

The fir-tree attracts not smaller interest too – the animal can climb on it and drop.

Even if when falling the murka will not suffer, it can be cut about the broken Christmas tree decorations. Tinsel and small pieces of a foil can be eaten, and it will provide considerable problems with a stomach of a small animal.

If the cat ate a rain, the main thing governed not in which case not to try to pull out it independently, edges can wound internals of a small animal. In such cases it is necessary immediately will go to the veterinarian.

It is not all list of dangers to a cat. Sharp objects, household chemicals, all this needs to be held in isolation. If the owner is responsible and really loves the svovy pet, he has to will take care of its safety.

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