• Oct 10, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, like to play not only kittens, but also adult cats. Games help pets to keep good mood and physical shape and also to maintain intellectual activity at the high level. To entertain a cat, it is not obligatory to buy constantly to him new toys, it is possible to make them independently of simple make-shifts.


What Interesting Toys for a Cat It Is Possible to Make with Own Hands

This toy can be made literally in 5 minutes. Just tie the twisted candy candy wrapper to a strong rope and fix all design on the door handle. When the cat begins to play with a candy wrapper, that will be shaken in different directions, than will even more draw attention of the pet.

By the way, the candy wrapper can be replaced practically with anything: the pompon made of woolen threads, the wine stopper connected by a hook a mouse, etc. If you want to play with a cat, just untie the pendulum from the door handle and shake it before the pet. The main thing, do not allow a cat to seize you, otherwise not to avoid scratches.


What Interesting Toys for a Cat It Is Possible to Make with Own Hands

If at your place the plastic bubble from tablets, egg from the kinder surprise or similar plastic capacity was overlooked, use it as a basis for a rattle. Inside it is possible to put almost anything, the main thing that the ready toy rattled.

Best of all as filler the following materials will approach: beads, grain, small pebbles, peas. The most important as it is possible more densely close a cover. To be sure that the rattle will not reveal at the most inappropriate moment you can wind it with an adhesive tape.

the Stick with feathers

What Interesting Toys for a Cat It Is Possible to Make with Own Hands

You need an easy and strong stick not less than 30 cm long, a bunch of decorative feathers and a piece of foam rubber. To make a toy, fix feathers on the end of a stick by means of a thread, an adhesive tape or the glue gun, and then accurately wrap up a toy tip foam rubber that the cat was not wounded during the game.

the Birdie from yarn


To make such toy, take an old sock, woolen threads, several decorative feathers and a little cat's mint or other dried-up grass. Cut off an edge of a sock and fill it with a grass, then sew up a basis of "birdie" and densely wind it with yarn. After that it is accurate, but strongly sew feathers, and the cat's toy is ready.

the Rod from a ball

What Interesting Toys for a Cat It Is Possible to Make with Own Hands

You need a ball, a long rope and a strong stick. The ball can be bought or found houses unnecessary with which the pet does not play any more. If you have enough time and imaginations, make a ball own hands, for example, having connected it by a hook. Instead of a ball it is possible to take a pompon from an old cap. To collect a toy, just tie one end of a rope to a stick, and another — to a ball.

On creation of any of the above described toys you will need no more than 10-15 minutes. Therefore do not regret time and surely please the pet with new interesting entertainment.

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