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Having faced the fleas who affected a body of a cat, owners of pets usually buy a cat's collar. Such adaptation is effective for scaring away of insects and prevention of itch. There is it thanks to special substances which impregnated collar material. Certainly, owners of animals worry about that, such accessory is how safe.

What Is a Collar from Fleas for Cats
Having put on a cat a collar against fleas, it is possible to forget about insects and itch

What is a collar from fleas for cats

The antiflea collar is the plastic film which is completely impregnated with insecticide.

Insecticides are a general name of chemicals for fight against mean insects. Specifically for removal of parasites flying poisons are used. Substances get into a body of insects with air that allows to get rid of them already within a day.

Principle of action collar is as follows: after the plastic device is fixed on a neck of a cat, it begins to exhale a chemical smell from which insects run up within 2 hours.

The collar against fleas does not do harm to health of the pet, but cats can have an individual intolerance of chemical means. It can cause allergic reaction. If similar occurs, it is necessary to take off a collar.

What Is a Collar from Fleas for Cats
the Collar from fleas is the plastic film which is completely impregnated insecticidal средством

Аксессуары for kittens

Choosing a collar from fleas for kittens, it is necessary to consider that organism resilience at them still weak therefore categorically kids cannot buy the device which suits adult cats. Chemical content in an antiflea collar for adult cats high that can lead to intoxication (poisoning) of an organism of a kitten.

On a newborn kitten the collar is not put. The room in which there is an animal is processed and disinfected. The collar against fleas can be used when the kitten reaches 2-month age. But also in this case the biocollar taking into account age of an animal is selected. The accessory against fleas is impregnated with natural essential oils of which smell fleas are afraid. You should not wait until the kitten has insects in a hair as it is difficult to kittens to resist invasion of the fleas and blood-sicking ticks leaving wounds on all body. Means is recommended for prevention. Natural devices have action time up to 4 months. Biomeans, besides scaring away of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, improves a condition of hair of kitten.

From 6-month age use of natural collars is useless. For six-month-old kittens collars with a small dose of chemical release.

If before acquisition of the device the kitten was exposed to processing by other substances from parasites (shampoo or drops), then it is possible to put on an animal this subject only 10 days later after the carried-out procedure.

The accessory has to sit densely, but between it and a neck it is necessary to leave distance in 2 fingers. In process of growth of a kitten it is necessary to check periodically the tape density that the animal did not die from suffocation.

As is correct to use a collar from fleas (video)

Means from pincers

There is one more kind of products for cats which is capable to affect also ticks. Ticks settle not only on wool, but also in ears, causing inflammatory processes. It is important to remember that of a product of different producers have the different duration of action.

Insects parasites are carriers of different infections therefore it is better to think of that the cat did not catch this infection in advance. It is regularly necessary to examine an animal, to bathe and comb him, and at emergence of signs of fleas or ticks to use the collar corresponding to age of the pet.

What Is a Collar from Fleas for Cats

Advantage of a collar before sprays and shampoos is that it works within a day that allows an animal to be in safety. Today there is a good selection of products therefore it is necessary to know what to pay attention upon purchase to.

Special herbs and essential oils which are not loved by insects are a part of a collar. On the power of influence not to compare it to a chemical product, but it is safe for cubs of animals.

Many owners often use an antiflea cat's collar with ultrasound which frightens off insects. their Only shortcoming – high price.

When choosing a product the first what it is necessary to pay attention to, are its functions and efficiency. As there is a lot of fakes, it is better to get means in pet-shop or drugstore.

What Is a Collar from Fleas for Cats

Also it is necessary to pay attention to an expiration date. Packing of means should not be damaged . The product needs to be selected for the size – it should not dangle around the neck or squeeze it. Cats will not be suitable collars for dogs – concentration of the operating chemical in them significantly differs.

Attentively study the instruction to a product. Some producers specify the name of medicine which can be necessary in case of poisoning of the pet.

What Is a Collar from Fleas for Cats

the Producers recognized as the best:

  1. of Hartz – is intended for adult animals, influences parasites even during a rain. It is made in America.
  2. the Leopard – the good device which costs rather not much. Unlike previous, works only in dry conditions.
  3. of Beaphar is the collar for kittens made on a natural basis.
  4. Doctor Zoo – advantage of this means is the price. It is used as required.

When choosing a product for your pet it is possible to consult with the veterinarian. Having examined an animal, the doctor will advise to buy that device which suits your cat more.

How to choose means from fleas and pincers (video)

Except a collar the elementary hygiene and good food are required for a cat. The healthy and clean cat will hardly attract fleas and ticks.

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