• Mar 8, 2018

of Furminator for cats. Each aelurophile knows firsthand that if in the house there lives a fluffy pet, then on floors, carpets, furniture and other surfaces it is always possible to find animal hair. Especially strongly it climbs in the period of a molt which is the share of the beginning of spring and fall. In order that cat's wool did not fly on the apartment, it is regularly necessary to comb, wash a beautiful fur coat of the pet and to look after her. Earlier the brush or a crest for animals was for this purpose used, now they were succeeded by more modern devices, for example, of Furminator for cats.

of Furminator for cats very useful adaptation which will not leave indifferent any owner of a canine friend

the Description of adaptation

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In spite of the fact that the beginning of spring and fall is considered the conventional period of a molt, cat's wool in the house is a year-round problem. She is familiar to each aelurophile, even from the short-haired British in rooms there is a decent number of hair. All because the majority of animals do not cope with the large volume of the died-off wool, are lazy to lick it. As a result it remains on a body of an animal until disappears therefore there is an impression about a constant molt. Careful owners can help the favourites to look after a magnificent fur coat, for this purpose rather regularly to comb out it.

Furminator for cats is a revolutionary invention which considerably will simplify the procedure of combing. the Device will cope from 90% of the died-off hair for 3-4 sessions . It will simplify life all: to both owner, and pet. The first will enjoy purity in the house, it will have more free time, establishing order will cease to take several hours a day. The cat should not be licked constantly, and the problem of the stomach clogged with wool will pass by itself. Probability of formation of koltun which comb-out and cutting brings to an animal pain and discomfort will decrease.

of Furminator for cats the revolutionary invention which considerably will simplify the расчесывания
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Furminator is the device created especially for comb-out at animals of the died-off underfur. To understand how Furminator works, it is necessary to present the trimmer. Devices are similar among themselves and in the principle of work, and on appearance, the difference only that the device for animals does not cut off wool, and lifts it.

The accessory as very rare hairbrush looks, however the distance between teeths is precisely calculated. It is exactly it that between them easily there passed smooth ostevy fibers, but the underfur clung.

Use of a furminator for cats (video)

of the Recommendation about the choice

The original devices released by Furminator deShedding are considered as the best furminator. Chesalk's for cats is presented in two lines:

  • classic;
  • делюкс.

Efficiency of devices of both types equally high, the difference consists in materials of which they are made of ergonomics of handles and presence at class devices делюкс the special button. It is called FURejector and helps to remove quickly wool from a crest. From hairbrushes of a classical ruler wool needs to be removed hands.

What Is Furminator for Cats and as It Is Correct to Use the Device

Devices differ with crest width. Animals, different in size, will suit certain chesalka. So, furminator can be:

  • for kittens and small animals – width of such hairbrushes is 3.2 cm;
  • for small cats whose weight does not exceed 5 kg, – 4.5 cm;
  • for large cats weighing more than 5 kg – 6.8 cm

The latest model is the most popular, it is possible to call it universal. For example, if in the house there live a cat and an average dog whose weight is 10-20 kg, then it is enough to buy one device to comb out both pets.

What Is Furminator for Cats and as It Is Correct to Use the Device

Use of the device

Before beginning the procedure of combing of wool of the pet with a furminator, it is necessary to examine skin of an animal attentively: on it there should not be scratches, wounds and sores. Any, even insignificant, injuries of skin are a contraindication to use of the device, in this case the session needs to be postponed.

it is better to Comb a furminator free wool therefore at first the cat is recommended to be washed. After it will dry, it is necessary to walk on a fur coat a usual brush or a slicker brush, and already then to use Furminator. It is necessary to comb out wool in the direction of growth of hair by smooth and accurate movements not to hurt an animal and to deliver a discomfort minimum. The extra care is demanded by delicate and gentle places: hinder legs and area under a tail (especially at males), a stomach. Ill-treatment will cause irritation of a cat, she will begin to be angry, bite and in every possible way to resist combing.

How to comb out a cat (video)

To cats who have no underfur, comb-out by a furminator contraindicated. Short-haired pets, including the British cats, it is recommended to subject to the similar procedure of 5-6 times a year. Professional groomers use furminator in work. For high-quality care of the favourite's wool experts recommend to replace usual slicker brushes with such device.

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