• Mar 3, 2019

All living beings for normal activity of an organism need food and water. And long not intake of nutrients and liquid can lead to irreversible consequences and even death. Owing to various life situations knowledge of that, what is the time the cat can do without water and food, are simply necessary for their owners. It is necessary to treat it very responsibly, as we know, we in the answer for those who were tamed.

How Many the Cat Can Not Eat

of Norm of food and water for cats

How Many the Cat Can Not Drink and Eat

Though the organism of each animal is individual, there are standard norms of food which need to be observed that the cat did not starve. She has to eat about 40 g of food on 1 kg of weight. Besides, if a forage purchased, then producers make recommendations concerning norms according to age and the pet's weight .

As for water, 20−40 ml on kilogram on average are necessary. But there is a number of the factors affecting its norms. K to them belong:

Why the Cat Does Not Eat?

  • a type of a forage — dry or damp (at dry is necessary more);
  • age of an animal (for kittens and elderly the norm needs to be increased);
  • season (when it is cold, liquid is used less).

And also it can depend on breed. For example, British lop-eared water is necessary in very small amount.

of the Reason for refusal of food

There are cases when pets do not want to use food. It can occur for such reasons:

The Reasons for Which the Cat Does Not Eat and Does Not Drink

  1. Lack of mood. Yes, cats have bad days too. They do not eat in that case not for long, approximately day. But know that it is possible, will not prevent.
  2. Change of a forage. Sharply the pet cannot change food at all. It becomes gradually, otherwise he in general can refuse it.
  3. Cats are very sensitive to food and if to give them food, then refusal, stale, hot or tasteless for them, is inevitable.
  4. In the period of a techka the majority of animals eats nothing. And pregnant cats can have a toxicosis and lack of appetite.
  5. And the main reason for which it is already worth beginning to worry seriously is a disease of a pet.
If the cat except long refusal of food (more than 2 days) does not drink

and looks weak and sluggish, then it serves as a disturbing signal and demands an immediate campaign to the veterinarian.

survival Terms

Why the Cat Does Not Drink

Situations in life are different, and circumstances sometimes develop irrespective of us. The person or all family need to leave somewhere for some time or, what is even worse, someone lonely will be hospitalized, and the pet stayed at home. In that case not to avoid nervousness for it. to preserve nerves to itself and health — to the pet, it is necessary to know, what is the time pets can do without receipt of food and water without irreversible consequences .

liquid Reserves in an organism of cats equal to about 70 percent. Moisture loss more than for 10% leads to dehydration and violation of work of all systems. On average, the young and healthy animal can do without water about 5 days. For little kittens, elderly and sick animals terms considerably decrease — about 2 days.

How Many the Cat Can Not Drink

As for food then everything depends on whether water comes to an animal organism during a hunger strike. At its normal use without food healthy adult cats can live about 10 days though there were cases and longer term. But if there is no access to water too, then they will hold on only 5 days. For kids and old cats of days it is taken away less.

Then that the cat nevertheless will be able to stretch some time without food and even water. But not the fact that she will survive after that and will remain healthy. Therefore it is worth showing more attention to the favourites, not to throw their some, to try that in their bowls there was always a clear water and a fresh forage.

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