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a question of what cat in the world — the most expensive. It is not really simple to answer it. There are various cat breeds, with the features and characteristic features. To draw a conclusion, it is necessary to consider various elite cat breeds.

the Most expensive cats in the world (video)

the Savanna is imperial breed

Manufacturers of America were engaged in removal. They crossed a domestic cat and the African serval. The first kittens appeared at the end of the 20th century. The adult cat can reach 60 cm in height and gain weight to 15 kg. Savannas are considered as the biggest cats in the world. Distinctive feature are: long legs, the extended body, roundish ears and spotty dense wool. The color is usually golden, silvery, chocolate. The head a small, top part of eyes is bent, lower – roundish. Can be yellow, green or copper color. The nose is wide, with a red, red or black lobe. Wool rigid, dense on all body. The well-known spots can be either black, or brown.

the Kitten grows to an adult state by 3 years. Even little kittens leave an indelible impression. People were always drawn towards domestication of wild animals. Desire to have at itself in the house of wild cat's pushed to removal of this breed. In the apartment of such giants to keep not really conveniently. More they will suit the open-air cage in the yard of a country house. The most expensive domestic cat is allocated with the developed intelligence. She gives in to training, can execute orders of the owner. Likes to walk, run and play various games. Easily finds a common language with other animals. Inquisitive and sociable. You should not forget about that whose blood flows in their veins. Sometimes they can show the wild nature. Life expectancy reaches 20 years. Health at these cats and cats excellent. Vaccination, prevention against helminths is regularly carried out.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World
Cat of breed саванна

It is desirable to feed with meat products, you should not forget that it is the descendant of predators.

It is impossible to include in a diet:

  • milk and dairy products;
  • fish canned food;
  • grain forages.

The most expensive cat breed in the world will suit those who look for the clever and inquisitive exotic pet.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World

of Chauzi – a domestic lynx

This breed was removed as a result of crossing of a wild African cat and house Abyssinian. Other name of the African cat – a marsh lynx. For this reason it is so interesting to experts and fans of valuable breeds.

Kot of a chauza is very rare breed. the fact that today he the most expensive whom wealthy people are able to afford is explained by It. The breed combines wildness and tenderness. Fluffy wool and animal temper. It is difficult to keep these qualities in balance.

History does not give the exact answer about origin of this breed. Many incline to the version that the wild cat was a primogenitor of a chauza. As a result of crossing with domestic cats interesting creation which will leave nobody indifferent turned out. Cats have the large sizes. About 40 cm can grow and weigh about 15 kg. The appearance indicates presence at breed of wild ancestors at once. The body is strong, long legs, on ears can be brushes. The look is bewitching, rigid and gentle at the same time. Can be black, silvery and brown color. The cats having a silvery color are most of all appreciated. They are more similar to a marsh lynx.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World
Cat of breed чаузи

Условия, necessary for contents:

  1. Bolshaya Square, cats with such dimensions and passion to physical activity will not be able to feel comfortable in the close apartment.
  2. The love to water procedures has to be satisfied regularly.
  3. Obligatory walking on a thong.
  4. Wool is required to be combed out.
  5. Special attention is paid to food in connection with weakness of digestive tract.

With cats of this breed you will never miss. They will always find new adventures and entertainments. Love treasures, can pull down something and hide to the place which is known only of Badly transfer loneliness. In the absence of owners will begin to start friendship with other people or animals.

The most expensive cat breeds provide the third place to representatives of breed of Kao-attract.

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– the Thai beauties

This breed was removed in Ancient Siam. The snow-white beauty with gentle smooth wool and multi-colored eyes was a favourite of the royal nobility. Was considered that it brings good luck, happiness and love. At the end of the 20th century kao-attract took out to America. Here also work on strengthening of valuable properties began. The price of a kitten kao-attract it is high, they are exclusive. They often have problems with health. Especially as everyone wants to receive multi-colored eyes.

Key indicators:

  1. The body is brawny, strong. The weight of males is about 4 kg, females – 3 kg.
  2. Extremities are brawny, average length.
  3. The head extended, wedge-shaped.
  4. Eyes large and almond-shaped.
  5. The large ears covered with wool are vertically put.

Cats kao-attract are not only the exotic pets but also loving and devoted friends. They require attention and careful participation. Do not transfer the indifferent relation and loneliness. These are pets who do not need walks, expensive toys and accessories. Main :

  • a clean tray, they are the famous neatniks;
  • the lack of drafts, is thermophilic animals;
  • minimum of water procedures;
  • does not need frequent comb-out as practically do not fade.

Buying a kitten, you should not be frightened if on the head there is a dark stain, and eyes of one color. During growing the spot will disappear, eyes will change color.

The fourth place in the list is taken by the Safari.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World

Сафари-spotty giants

In the seventies the last century the American scientists tried to remove new breed. It became in the scientific purposes, but the spotty cat – a safari as a result turned out. Having crossed Geoffroi's cat to Bengalese, manufacturers presented to the world a surprising animal. They differ in the large sizes, the male can gain weight to 16 kg, the female usually weighs about 8 kg. Body of cats brawny, harmonious. The size can be as average, and big. The head is triangular, a small chin. Ears are large, are close put. Eyes of an oval form, are widely put. Color of eyes can be any, the main thing that it was combined with the main coloring of wool. Spotty cats have very beautiful wool. It dense and short, reminds leopard.

From Geoffroi's cats of a safari inherited physical characteristics. Domestic cats allocated these animals with lovely and sweet temper. They very gentle and appeasable, do not require special attention, are not persuasive. Well get on both with children, and with foreign people. There are no problems and with other pets. Safaris are sociable and active. Very much love water therefore look for it everywhere. It can be a sink, a toilet bowl or an aquarium.

The open-air cage, owing to overall dimensions will be the best place for contents. These spotty cats like to walk on a lead and to swim for a while in the river. Sometimes it is possible to allow them to enjoy in plenty fresh air and games outdoors. The wild instinct does not doze.

The fifth place in the list by right belongs to the Bengalese cat.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World
the Cat of breed сафари

Бенгальская a cat – a domestic leopard

The spotty cat breed was removed in the sixties the 20th century, as a result of crossing of a leopard cat and a domestic cat. External signs of a leopard are visible with the naked eye. For this reason not everyone can decide to bring such pet. They grow up rather large. The male can gain weight in 7 kg, and a female to 4 kg.

the Colour is different: brown, spotty. are Very much appreciated white, reminding a snow leopard. Lines, the animals who are earlier present at selection, can be shown also through several generations. So among newborn kittens long-haired animals were found. At first they were rejected, but began to be allocated in separate breed later – silk bengals. The spotty cat who is much larger than a cat the graceful gait and a flexible body just bewitches. Females gentle and more appeasable. Little kittens should be tamed to the person at once. To take on hands, to iron, caress, otherwise the pet with the dominating wild bents will grow up. They have strong character, can show obstinacy. It is impossible to allow physical abuse at all. They it do not forgive.

Bengals are very curious. They can go for owners and adopt their manner of behavior. You should not be surprised if the cat opens a door or a case, to wash away a toilet bowl. They and not are capable of it.

The sixth position in the list of elite cats is taken by the American curl.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World
Bengalese кошка

Американский керл – amusing ears

This cat breed has distinctive feature – the bent ears. Interesting the fact that kittens are born with direct ears, and in a week they are turned out. This feature was noticed by manufacturers and became interested in animal husbandry. The American curl is allocated with the extended body, flexible and plastic. The head is roundish, large. Eyes big and expressive. Wool soft, can be long or short. The most valuable color: chocolate, cream, gold, red.

Character of cats friendly and appeasable. They strongly become attached to the owner. Love active games, can execute commands. Clever and true, easily get on with other pets. Well get on with children, practically do not bring trouble.

In the house there have to be game complexes, cats need to move more. They will like various toys. Surely it is necessary to establish a kogtetochka, furniture will suffer differently. It is necessary to comb out wool 2 times a week a special crest. Very sociable pets need care and attention. They will be able to brighten up loneliness and will become the excellent partner.

Close the seven of the most expensive cats – Toygers.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World
the American curl

the Toyger – a tiny tiger

This breed appeared at the end of the 20th century in America. For this purpose the Bengalese cats crossed to various breeds for receiving the animals having a tiger color. Representatives of this breed differ in the large sizes. Males weigh from 8 to 12 kg. The head is small, the muzzle extended. Paws are strong, a well-muscled body. Wool soft, elastic, relief. The cat is appreciated it, and the look of a tiger adds a highlight to this breed. The main distinctive feature of toygers are strips of a tabba. Color can be any. The main condition is the obligatory contrast of flowers. Strips are vertical, there can be also extended spots, but not accurate.

the Cat breed similar to a tiger has the mass of admirers. These animals loveful and gentle. Are good trustees for kids, easily adapt to any conditions, are playful and sociable. Can start missing alone and begin to play pranks. They do it not for rage, just want to attract attention. Leaving the pet of one at home, it is better to take care of his leisure. Can not obey and show obstinacy. But all these negative lines easily smooth out the correct education of a cat tiger.

What Most Expensive Cat in the World

How much is thoroughbred cat

It were expensive breeds. Approximate price is (c.u.):

  1. The savanna – from 4,000 to 22,000.
  2. Chauz – from 8,000 to 10,000.
  3. Kao-attract – from 7,000 to 10,000.
  4. A safari – from 4,000 to 8,000.
  5. The Bengalese cat – from 1,000 to 4,000.
  6. An American curl – from 1,000 to 3,000.
  7. A toyger (a tiger cat) – from 500 to 3,000.

The most expensive breeds are as close as possible to wild animals. The large sizes, natural appearance increase breed cost. Desire of the person to tame and bridle a wild animal increases demand for elite cats. They will become the best friend and the favourite of family.

the Most rare cat breeds in the world (video)

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