• Sep 13, 2019

of the Cat contrary to popular belief very clever and sensitive creations. They perfectly feel bad people even if other people do not guess negative qualities of the person. There are several types which cats on spirit do not digest and it is better for them not to bring shaggy pets in the house.

What People Are Not Pleasant to Cats and why

Greedy people

Who in general loves greedy people? Correctly – anybody. And cats and even less so. Of course, usually owners do not share with favourites the food not because they are sorry and only because the cat cannot eat such food and on it there is a question of their health.

But there are people who so greedy (and you should not equate it to reasonable economy) that are sorry to buy to the favourite that forage and vitamins which are necessary for him allegedly and borsch from a table will not bad eat. No, the cat, can and will eat what is eaten by the owner, not to sit her hungry, but further it can turn back not only problems with health at an animal, but also frank dislike for own owner.

It is worth remembering that a cat – the living being who has to eat properly, but not what is cheaper.

Aggressive people

If learn about greed of the person of a cat only over time, then they feel aggressive people far off and try to avoid them. Still, such person at any time can blow up and do to an animal harm, as well as to other surrounding people.

Besides, cats and cats do not love loud sounds and too emotional speech, it frightens them. If near the shaggy pet too aggressive owner begins to behave inadequately, then he can try to calm him in the ways, that is hissing, biting and a scratching, available to an animal.

the People who are not loving animals

It would seem – cats are capable to feel bad people at first sight, but there are also exceptions to the rules. Quite often in the big company the cat will choose as the favourite of those who is absolutely indifferent to them or even dislikes.

This phenomenon has quite logical explanation. People who love animals usually stare at them, consider. But for cats a stare – sign of aggression, they perceive such behavior as a prerequisite to attack. And here people who are indifferent to animals usually and any do not pay attention to them that is regarded by cats positively. Strange, but fact.

But if the person frankly does not love cats, then the animal will understand it sooner or later and will answer the same.

Too vigorous people

Cats do not love too vigorous people, and all because they do not like sharp movements and loud sounds in which usually such people also differ. It would seem, vigor – not the worst quality for the person, but here for a cat …

For certain many noticed that if it is too sharp to rise from a sofa or to make movements hands, then cats are frightened, run away, hide. Therefore many cats do not love small children whom energy just overflows. This animals have more to liking quiet, measured people who I behave "smoothly".

Lazy people

Dogs love owners unconditionally, and here it is necessary to fight for love of cats. If the person is not ready to pay to a cat attention and to look after her as she deserves that, then it is better for it to get tamagoch.

Cats are very clean animals and they will not go to do for anything the things in a dirty tray therefore if the owner is lazy to remove a toilet of the favourite in time, then it should find "surprises" on all apartment (and to move away them much more difficult, than just to keep clean a tray).

Also to cats the attention, participation of the owner in games is sometimes required, and the lazy person will ignore these desires, than will make the pet absolutely unfortunate being.

Persuasive people

Even the most tender cats do not love when they are forced to something, iron against their will, force to sit or lie nearby. Thus the owner creates in the opinion of an animal for himself an image of "tyrant" and forces to be the slave for entertainment.

It is necessary to show love and caress in relation to an animal when he wants it and asks, everyone in life has periods when there is a wish to be alone including at cats.

It is easy to become the friend and the best owner for a cat, it is only necessary to be loving and responsible, not imposing to an animal the installations and rules. Cats are living beings with the traits of character, feelings and emotions.

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