• Dec 19, 2018


With the onset of cold weather there is a great number of homeless kittens because in summertime of a cat are especially prolific. Plus many people take themselves "to be played" for summer of kittens, and then throw out them. Also it is impossible to pass by the defenseless lump crying on cold. What to do if you picked up a kitten on the street?

 the Red homeless kitten hides a photo

On a photo: homeless kitten. Photo: flickr.com

the Action plan for people who picked up a kitten on the street

  1. If you have no other animals , can take away safely a kitten home and solve problems in process of their receipt.
  2. If at your place there are other animals , especially cats, it is worth thinking. I do not say that kittens do not need to be selected (it is necessary, it is impossible to leave them on the street), but it is necessary to approach a question reasonably.
  3. Do not forget about a quarantine . If you picked up a kitten and brought to the house where there lives your cat, it can be fraught with unpleasant consequences for your pet, 70% of street kittens are the hidden virus carriers. On the street they can look absolutely healthy, but when you bring them home and improve living conditions, all latent diseases will be shown. It can be such viral diseases as clamidiosis, a leykopeniye, кальцивироз, and these diseases are very dangerous. If your cat is vaccinated, it reduces risk to catch, but it nevertheless exists. If your cat is not vaccinated, surely do her vaccination.
  4. Find the place where the kitten can live during the quarantine period, without meeting your cat. The quarantine period is 21 days.
  5. do not forget that there are such diseases as a microsporia and a dermatophytosis. As soon as you picked up a kitten, before any processings and bathing, bring it to veterinary clinic . There the kitten will be examined and will carry out a lyumdiagnostika. If a lyumdiagnostika negative – everything is excellent if positive, becomes scrape on fungal elements that precisely the nobility whether the kitten has a microsporia. Even if is, be not frightened – she is perfectly treated now.
  6. Process a kitten from fleas and helminths .
  7. Vaccinate a kitten.
  8. Only after the quarantine, processings from parasites and two-stage vaccination it is possible to acquaint a kitten with your cat .
  9. If you vaccinated the cat after picked up a kitten , then before acquaintance to the new resident there have to pass not less than 14 days after vaccination as the immunity of a cat after vaccination is weakened.
 the Kitten on a photo hat

Photo : pixabay.com




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