• Sep 10, 2019

If at you is a cat or a dog, then the problem of the wool flying on all house is for certain familiar to you. Sometimes it seems that wool everywhere — on clothes, on furniture, on ware and even in food. To facilitate to itself life and quickly it is possible to get rid of this problem in several original ways.

When wool everywhere: 7 cunnings which considerably will facilitate life to the aelurophile

Rubber gloves

Perhaps, the most available method of cleaning of clothes and a furniture upholstery from wool — usual rubber gloves. To put in order, for example, a sofa, it is possible in two ways:

  1. Dry cleaning. Just put on gloves hands and carry out on a dirty surface. Fibers, dust and small crumbs will stick to latex. It is all about laws of physics — static electricity works.
  2. Damp cleaning. Before running a hand over a furniture upholstery, moisten a glove with cold water. Damp rubber raises pile and collects small motes and strands of wood. Then just wash away all stuck dirt, and the glove is again ready to work.

By means of latex or rubber gloves it is possible to clean any textiles: upholstered furniture, curtains or clothes.


This subject works by the same principle, as rubber gloves, they from identical material are made.

The electrified ball it is possible to clean any surfaces, not only textiles. Slightly rub a sphere about the hair or about hair of a cat or dog, and it will right there be loaded with static electricity. After that carry out by a ball over a dirty surface, and all hairs, strands of wood and motes in a trice to it will stick.

For cleaning of the ball of garbage it is enough to set up of him under a stream of flowing water. But you remember that to a wet ball of a strand of wood do not stick.

the Scraper for windows

If you have a special brush for a sink of windows with a scraper, try to clean a carpet from wool with its help. Moisten a rubber surface of a scraper with water and you clean a carpet against pile. Strands of wood easily gather in a lump which is removed then hands.

A scraper for windows it is possible to clean both a carpet with short pile, and a furniture upholstery, but it is not suitable for cleaning of surfaces with very long pile.


Pumice perfectly is suitable for cleaning of a synthetic carpet. Just carry out by her on a surface and collect the rolled-up hairs. However consider that pumice suits only for processing of dense materials, and soft and gentle fabric of a natural carpet can be damaged easily.

Adhesive tape

The adhesive tape will help to remove wool from big squares. Paste wide strips of an adhesive tape on a sofa or a carpet, then tear off, and all faded wool will remain on a tape.

Sticky rollers for clothes work by the same principle, but they quickly become soiled and demand frequent updating of a sticky layer. The adhesive tape at relative low cost is capable to clean a large-scale surface for once.

Rubber brush

The special rubber brush is externally similar to a massage hairbrush, only bristles are made of rubber. For purification of laminate, linoleum or a tile of hair of pets use such brush. It easily collects all dust and hairs. After cleaning the brush needs to be washed with flowing water.

of the Napkin for washing

If after the games with the pet your clothes became covered with the stuck wool, wash the soiled thing in the machine. For effective removal of all fibers before washing put a special napkin or a usual soft porolonovy sponge in a drum. In the course of washing the napkin or foam rubber will attract all strands of wood on themselves, having left clothes absolutely clean. Here only the sponge, most likely, should be thrown out after that.

That it was not necessary to clean constantly the apartment from hair of a cat or a dog, you carry out prevention: comb out the favourite a special brush, and in time cut long-haired dogs. It will prevent a plentiful molt, and your furniture and clothes will be as it should be.

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