• May 11, 2019

of the Cat became our pets about 10,000 years ago, and today they are one of the most widespread animals partners for whom people bear huge responsibility. Food and water, caress and care are necessary for each living being. However even the correct leaving not always guarantees health, especially if it is about hereditary diseases. For example, there are cat breeds which are most subject to a dysplasia of joints — genetic anomaly. Its essence consists in change of a shape of joints, decrease in their mobility, that is violation of normal functioning.

Dysplasia of Joints at Cats

Cats — patient creations and pain they hide very long, symptoms of a disease of the musculoskeletal device are shown externally .

If it became heavy to your pet to jump on the small height with which earlier he the gait easily coped, changed, there was lameness, back extremities disturb and the animal constantly licks them, including skakatelny joints, it is necessary to see the veterinarian and to insist on X-ray .

was considered Earlier that only dogs of large breeds suffer from a dysplasia, however now is proved — this disease often occurs in cats. Metises suffer from it seldom, thoroughbred, unfortunately, more often.

Diagnosis of a Dysplasia of Joints at a Cat

Breeds, the most subject to a dysplasia :

  • Maine Coon;
  • the Persian;
  • the forest Norwegian;
  • Himalaya;
  • Devon-reks;
  • the Abyssinian;
  • the Bengalese;
  • east oriental;
  • the British;
  • the Siamese.

the Dysplasia of joints — difficult anomaly which as veterinarians consider, can be descended to posterity through one or even several generations and so to the 14th knee.

Keeping of Cats

Therefore if you are only going to get a kitten, treat seriously the choice of club, the manufacturer . Do not hesitate to ask questions, to demand documents, pet passports of parents of the chosen animal, study responses.

Any genetic diseases are in the habit to be shown at this or that age, but the wrong leaving can accelerate process . Here it is worth mentioning obesity, the food leading to a surplus of vitamins or their shortcoming, sterilization and castration up to 8 months, falling from height, a trauma, hormonal failure.

take to

At the first symptoms of any illness the pet to veterinary clinic and that it did not bring you excess financial losses, spend time, find the good doctor with positive recommendations.

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