• Apr 5, 2019

domestic cats walk in the Summer much. The people living in private houses willingly let out the favourites on the street. Some animals are taken to the dacha where for them there comes the real expanse. But owners need to remember the dangers trapping them pets from all directions. There are not less than 10 things which threaten a cat in the summer.

10 things which threaten cats in the summer

Adverse factors

The cat is exposed to danger because of hunger, thirst, curiosity and features of an organism. Widespread risks for an animal in warm season:

Sun and Heat.

Poisoning of a Cat

  1. Open windows and balcony. The pet can climb on a window sill or a balcony handrail, and then fall from height. That it did not happen, it is necessary not to leave a cat unguarded, and to equip apertures with anti-mosquito grids.
  2. Sun and heat. Stay in the stuffy room and in the open air during a heat quite often leads to heatstroke. Indoors it is necessary to apply the special cooling laying, and in the yard to organize a shadow where the animal will be able to take cover from the scorching sunshine.
  3. Allergy. Pollen of some plants causes an allergy. Besides, cats like to chew green leaflets, without understanding that they are poisonous. It is necessary to check whether is not present on the site of dangerous herbs, and found to remove. At emergence of symptoms of an allergy (sneezing, dacryagogue) it is necessary to address the veterinarian urgently.
  4. Water. The favourite can fall in a reservoir or capacity. Even if the cat will not drown, water will get it into ears because of what there will be an inflammation. All dangerous places need to be fenced, and to close capacities.
  5. Poisonings. Animals are poisoned as food which on a heat quickly spoils, and the poisons applied to extermination of rats, mice and insects. The cat's forage in hot weather can quickly become useless too.

needs to remove a poison there where the pet will not get it. Water and a forage should be changed several times a day.

Representatives of fauna

Irrespective of, the cat is how curious, she can suffer, just walking on the area. Here who most often does to harm:

Fights of Cats

Processing of a Cat from Fleas

  1. Foreign cats and cats . A fight and unplanned fertilization — the main dangers. Here nothing can be made unless to sterilize the favourite, and not to let out a cat at all. If the animal came back home with damages, it is necessary to process wounds, and after that to address the veterinarian.
  2. of the Bird . Trying to catch a sparrow or a pigeon, animals are quite often lost. It is known that the cat with ease finds a way home, but in practice so happens not always. It is necessary to watch the pet, he on walk so far and to periodically call up him to itself. Other option — to walk on a lead or to release only on the fenced territory.
  3. of the Snake . Stings of some of them are deadly therefore it is necessary to learn in advance where the next vetklinika in which there is a serum neutralizing snake poison. In the area teeming with snakes it is better not to allow a cat to walk independently.
  4. Insects . Stings are capable to cause allergic reaction. The ultrasonic otpugivatel with big range will become a solution.
  5. of the Flea and pincers . After each walk it is necessary to examine an animal, to delete the found ticks, and at detection of fleas to use medicines from them.

Is even better to apply antiflea and antitick-borne collars. It is necessary to examine also the clothes because on it there can be pincers too.

The vigilance and the attentive attitude towards a cat will help to save it from unpleasant surprises in warm season.

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