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even low-quality goods. Whiskas for kittens – one of the most popular forages for little pets. Professional veterinarians and manufacturers recommend to owners of cats to buy this forage. Whiskas, certainly, possesses the advantages. At the same time delicacy shortcomings are essential too.

Whiskas for kittens: structure of a forage, advantage and harm

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Not all owners of pets understand responsibility which lays down on them after they took in the house of the pet. For kittens, puppies and guinea pigs people are responsible the same as for own children. Without understanding it, owners find not enough time for the pet. For preventive check of the veterinarian visit only the most conscious. And for feeding of pets food from a table d'hote is used.

Veterinarians do not recommend to feed kittens with the food intended for people even if it is made from qualitative products. Seasonings and spices can enter into structure of meat ragout, soup and other dishes prepared by the hostess. It is difficult for organism of an animal to adapt to these ingredients. Other food is necessary for a kitten:

  1. Damp forage. the Whiskas Brand makes such kind of a forage in an extra packing which protects a product from contact with the external environment. It is necessary to store packing in the dark cool place, for example in the refrigerator. The product expiration date usually exceeds 12 months. However you should not buy a forage at which term already comes to an end. It is not necessary to stock up with food for the future. It is possible to buy Whiskas for kittens for a week. Thus, the pet will always receive only fresh food.
  2. Dry feed. This product has to be present at an animal diet too. But its use is strictly limited. The dry feed Whiskas is necessary for full digestion. As well as the person, a cat cannot eat only soft products. Dry feeds have a bigger expiration date. There is also a mixed forage type. It represents small pillows from a dry cover with soft paste inside. It is authorized to pets to give such delicacies not more often than 5-6 times a month.

It is possible to feed with some products which are used by people also animals: meat (it is desirable that it was boiled), vegetables, porridges, broths, soups.

Owners should track that spices, artificial dyes and preservatives did not enter into structure of a dish with which they treat the pet. Porridges and vegetables should not be salted. Seasonings are not added to soups and broths.

Of what do Whiskas (video)


Structure of a forage

Careful owners have to read structure of a forage which is bought to the pet. If any of ingredients causes individual intolerance in a kitten, it is better to refuse a product. for kittens usually enter Whiskas:

  1. Various grades of meat, bird and fish. An offal is often added to meat. Producers do it for the purpose of economy.
  2. Vegetable oils and animal fat.
  3. Minerals and vitamins.
  4. Cereals.
  5. Flour. For production of a forage use not only wheat flour. Add the crushed waste of the meat industry to a product: bones, paws, beaks, skin, hoofs, feathers, sinews, etc.
  6. Cellulose.
  7. Beer yeast. Are necessary for animal hair.
  8. Peas, beet and carrots. The last two ingredients apply as natural dye.
  9. Nutritional supplements. Their quantity has to be minimum.

Meat and an offal have to be the main ingredients of a forage. Cats – predators. They cannot be fed with some vegetables or cereals. Irrespective of whether the dry or damp product is used, the animal has to receive enough free liquid. It can be usual drinking water or milk. Liquid is a part of any dish. However for its full digestion it has to be 2-3 times more, than in a product. Soups and broths cannot become pure replacement.

Whiskas for kittens: structure of a forage, advantage and harm

Merits and demerits

Whiskas is suitable pets from second month of life for kittens. Newborn animals usually eat only maternal milk. The industrial forage has both advantages, and shortcomings. Whiskas – the product ready to the use. the modern person has not always enough time in order that it is good to look after a kitten. The pet is not walked, preferring to accustom him to a tray. The hostess cannot cook food carrying out the most part of day at work too. At the same time it is worth to remember that it is impossible to leave a damp forage in a cup for a long time. If the pet does not eat all portion, it is necessary to leave only a half. At a long absence of owners the kitten can leave a dry feed which in open form is stored much longer than damp.

An opportunity to provide to the pet the balanced diet – one of advantages of products Whiskas. The owners of pets who do not have veterinary education will not be able independently to pick up to a kitten a suitable diet which would include the necessary quantity of minerals, vitamins, etc. In one portion of a forage of Whiskas for kittens there is all necessary for the full-fledged growth of a pet.

Whiskas for kittens: structure of a forage, advantage and harm

the Forage can be picked up depending on individual needs of an animal. in shop presented Today various options of a product: for the pets having problems with digestion for short-haired, for long-haired, etc. Whiskas is considered the brand of economy class. Such product concerning a premium class forage will cost rather not much.

Forages Whiskas can cause accustoming because of a large amount of nutritional supplements. The pet will be difficult to be accustomed to other food. Food without seasonings will seem to a kitten fresh and tasteless. The extra care needs to be shown when using dry feeds (the small pillows filled with jelly or paste also belong to them). Their too frequent application leads to a kamneobrazovaniye.

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The attempt to save on food of the favourite conducts to serious problems with health. The means spent for treatment often exceed the means spent for qualitative food. Veterinarians recommend to begin a feeding up of a chest kitten with the usual home-made food cooked especially for the pet. Forages Whiskas can appear in an animal diet at more mature age.

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