• Feb 5, 2020
a dry feed for animals enjoys Now

special popularity because of simplicity of application and the wide range. However, there is also it that the pet refuses flatly food of this kind that forces owners to worry. What most common causes of such behavior?

Why the Cat Refuses a Dry Feed

the Cat is not accustomed to a dry feed

If earlier the animal ate generally natural food, then it is quite probable that it will be suspicious of other type of food. Therefore it is impossible to carry out sharp change of one type of feeding with another at all, transition has to be smooth. For this purpose gradually add a dry feed to habitual food, gradually reducing a part of a natural forage every day. Thus, it is possible to replace completely a cat's diet approximately in 7-10 days.

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the Cat is not strongly hungry

Most likely, the cat will refuse a dry feed if she receives additional food in the form of a damp forage or natural food. In that case she gorges on the fact that it seems to it more tasty and will not touch dry. The only way of a solution – to feed only with a dry feed and to refuse flatly various additions. At first the cat, most likely, for hours will elicit loved dishes, plaintively mewing. Do not give in on provocation, leave to the pet only 2 bowls: with water and a dry feed. When the cat really gets hungry, will surely eat everything that is given.

Dirty bowl

A cat – one of the cleanest animals who daily spends more than 2 hours for own licking. Present what her will be when she sees before herself a dirty plate. She will try "to dig" a fresh portion of a forage if the bowl was not washed long ago. Therefore you watch closely purity of cat's ware.

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you do not notice

, but the cat actually eats

It is quite possible that your favourite prefers to eat small portions therefore you do not notice that sterns in a bowl are diminished. It is possible at hot weather or high temperature in the apartment in a heating season. The heat affects appetite of an animal, it moves a little and, respectively, eats a little. Most likely, the cat will want to have a bite day therefore do not remove a bowl for the night at night, and on the contrary, take care of that your favourite had to them access.


If the cat refuses any kind of food, does not want to drink and almost all the time sleeps, perhaps, he got sick with something. Any aberration in appearance or behavior – an occasion to address the veterinarian. One of the most common causes of refusal of a forage – a mouth disease. The cat wants to eat, but cannot because of painful feelings. Check teeth and the pet's gums if you noticed reddenings, inflammations or traces of rotting, immediately address to veterinary clinic.

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