• Dec 16, 2019

It is known that a cat – a being with a high self-assessment therefore sleeps quite often not somewhere in legs as a dog, and on the most important and respected from her point of view place – on the head of the owner. The person receives undoubted benefits, every night listening to cat's puffing at the ear.

Why the cat sleeps in the owner's head: national signs and superstitions

Bad thoughts will leave

As the real medium, a cat is amicable with otherworldly forces and is capable to banish the evil thoughts cast by dark entities. With such security guard no mental creature also close will fly up to your bed, and the dream will be deep and quiet.

Alarm will weaken

Driving away evil thoughts the weakening meditative purr, the animal holds the peculiar psychotherapeutic session directed to the general strengthening of master's mentality. In a week - another of a dream with a cat on the head you will feel weakening of external alarms and full disposal of all thoughts.


Actually death threatens nobody while it is protected by a nimbus in the form of a cat. To all who received such honor from the pet the longevity is foreordained.

Love and devotion of a cat

The cat nesting on a pillow expresses thereby gesture of full acceptance of the person. To it it is not terrible that you snore and you can accidentally press down at night a paw or a tail. Believe, not any owner can be so generously rewarded by trust – only the most favourite.

of Pathology and disease

Considering that the animal in relation to the person has a thin power spirit, the vosedaniye, more precisely, decumbency on the master's head has important diagnostic value.

In case the cat constantly sleeps in the same place, it makes sense to think of health. It concerns not only the heads, but also any other part of a body. Perhaps, you develop pathological process which the animal felt and tries to cure by methods available to it. Think, maybe, it is worth listening to the moustached doctor and to undergo inspection.

Cats are power donors when live in family for people. Being in continuous interaction, they remove a negative from owners, pass it through themselves and return in the form of positive energy. It is possible therefore animals are put to bed closer to the head.

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