• Oct 14, 2019

As is pleasant to wake up in the mornings when nearby the favourite cat lies and purrs. But what forces it to sleep with you: banal convenience or affection for the owner? On national signs and beliefs this mystical animal possesses magic and can even treat for diseases. We learn about it on - in more detail.

Why the cat sleeps with the owner: interesting signs and beliefs

the Dream in the owner's legs

By Koshki the safest for them choose for a dream places. Some pets prefer to sleep in legs of the owner, considering that so they are not threatened by danger. This part of a body has not such big weight as the others.

In the ancient time was considered that thus animals extends all negative energy which accumulated in a day from the person. In some beliefs it is said that the cat goes to bed in the owner's legs if at him in an organism inflammatory processes began. They are followed by the increased temperature which draws attention of the pet. Often such pose of an animal indicates arthritis and miozit therefore it is worth paying attention to health of the joints.

On the owner's hands

If the cat falls asleep on the owner's hands, then it speaks about strong attachment and trust. In the same way, she exercises control over the person and tries to monitor his further actions.

By means of hands there is a tactile contact with an animal therefore this part of a body can be the most favourite at the pet. The cat will try to protect hands from possible danger and injuries.

On a pillow at the head

Cats possess special power. They are capable to feel experiences, bad mood or psychological fatigue of the owner. Being near his head during sleep, the pet restores composure. Also cats help to take off fatigue, to get rid of a headache and migraine.

The application for leadership can be one of the possible reasons of a dream of the favourite around the head. Thus, the cat takes a position of the leader and shows the superiority.

Also, according to beliefs, these animals are capable to attract sweet light dreams and to drive away nightmares. They help at insomnia and the increased uneasiness. Thoughts become clear, and in the morning the owner feels cheerfulness and high spirits. Purring of cats promotes a lowering of arterial pressure and relaxation of all organism.

Under the owner's bed

If the cat sleeps under a bed of the owner, then it can speak about a congestion of a big stream of negative energy. The person cannot get rid of problems and failures. In this case the animal will act as the filter and to clean from a negative not only the owner, but also all room. After such cleaning in the house there will come the favorable atmosphere again.

In the ancient time, on the contrary, was considered that the cat sleeping under a bed has a presentiment of the fast death of one of family members or a serious disease. Therefore many people tried not to let an animal in the bedroom not to attract a trouble.

Scientific proofs of these signs do not exist. All beliefs and traditions came to us many centuries later. Therefore to trust in them or not, it is better to solve to each person independently.

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