• May 8, 2019

Sometimes owners of pets face such phenomenon at a cat as imaginary pregnancy. In the absence of pairing with a cat there are all signs of such state.

False Pregnancy at Cats

It can be hazardous to health as the animal has a neuropsychological stress and also symptoms of violations of a hormonal background.

Therefore each owner needs to know why there is false pregnancy at cats and how to help the pet if there was such problem.

of the Reason of imaginary pregnancy

Such state is noted at females who endured a techka about two months ago. At not impregnated cat all signs of original incubation of posterity are observed. Prerequisites of such phenomenon can be:

  1. Knitting with a male at whom reproductive opportunities are broken or the cat is castrated.
  2. Hormonal failures at the cat and also violation in a reproductive system.
  3. The postponed infectious disease.
  4. The pathological processes happening in a thyroid gland.
  5. Insufficient attention from owners to an animal.

Duration of imaginary pregnancy is no more than 1−1.5 months. It can be shown at cats of any breed, but is more often at sphinxes and kornish-reks.

state Symptoms

Unfortunately, it is possible to distinguish false pregnancy not always, especially if earlier the owner had not to face it. the Shown symptoms are very similar to signs of original pregnancy:

False pregnancy at cats: the reasons why there is

  1. Chest glands bulk up and increase.
  2. The appetite increases, there is a feeling of thirst.
  3. The stomach increases in sizes.
  4. From the bulked-up nipples milk, and from a vagina slime is allocated.
  5. the Cat becomes uneasy , looks for the secluded place where the nonexistent posterity is going to give birth. Takes down different objects (children's toys, slippers) there, licks, taking them for the kids.
  6. Can show aggression in attempt to take away these things.
  7. Constantly goes for the owner and importunately mews, requiring to itself attention.

Such symptoms should be noticed. However authentically to define whether the cat is pregnant, only the veterinarian will be able.

Help to the alumna

To keep a situation under control, experts recommend to examine a cat in several weeks after pairing. Then it will be precisely clear: whether the alumna is pregnant or she invented it to herself.

 how to help the pet psychologically and medicamentally at false pregnancy

To begin treatment and to help an animal to cope with such phenomenon, needs to find out the reason which provoked symptoms . For example, if the alumna lacks care and attention from people, therefore, it is necessary to spend more time, to take a thicket on hands, to caress and talk to her. She will feel that it is loved and will cease to play in a cat mother.

Except necessary psychological influence, drug treatment is applied. But first of all it is necessary to modify a diet of the fluffy patient: to limit proteins (fish, meat), to reduce the volume of the drunk liquid, completely to exclude dairy products.

Usually veterinarians recommend reception sedative medicine in in a complex with the means stopping development of milk. At mastitis it is useful to do compresses of broths of herbs, light massages, to give anti-inflammatory external cure, antibiotics for purulent mastitis. If imaginary pregnancy — the phenomenon frequent, the doctor advises sterilization thanks to which serious consequences of hormonal failures (new growths in the form of tumors, an endometritis), etc. are excluded

of Hozyaev should not be strict and punish the alumna for the fact that she seriously is going to become a mother. On the contrary, it is necessary to distract in every possible way it from it, showing love, care and attention.

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