• Feb 13, 2019

the Cat's nose, as a rule, damp and cold therefore when it becomes dry or warm, many owners begin to worry. What does it mean, when at a cat a dry nose? If a cat's nose dry, in most cases there is nothing to worry.

of the Reason of dryness of a nose at a cat

Generally, the humidity of a nose of our cat's friends depends on the environment in which it is, for example, after the cat was in the sun, near a fireplace or the furnace. Even bad air circulation often leads to drying of a nose of a cat. However, if the problem remains, final assessment remains for the veterinarian.

Why at a Cat a Dry Nose

of the Reason

The nose of a cat usually dries when she is in dry and slightly damp environment. As soon as air becomes damp again or the cat changes situation, her nose becomes damp again. Even people suffer from this frustration, for example, when they go to shopping centers in the winter.

Too intensive thermal load can be one more cause of dryness of a nose. For example, the cat lies in the sun or near the furnace too much. Even sleeping before a fireplace or fire can be a trigger.

Medical problems

The reasons of dryness of a nose can also indicate a possible disease of an animal, especially in the presence of other symptoms, such as allocations from a nose. If the animal "cold" or an unusual crust on nostrils, it can have a bacterial or viral disease.

Changes in nasal slime, from whitish to greenish, can also happen, or sneezing and cough.

Why at a Cat a Dry Nose

If the cat is apathetic and weak, plays less or became irritable, it can be connected with some problems with health. The veterinarian diagnoses a disease and will appoint the best treatment for a cat.

At last, it affects even food behavior. The cat does not eat, or eats too little. These signals can also indicate problems with health together with a dry nose.


If you are not sure that the dry nose of your cat is caused by a harmless problem, it is better to consult with the veterinarian.

Your doctor will begin survey with the general physical inspection, it will also have questions of emergence of symptoms whether you noticed other accompanying symptoms.

At this first stage the veterinarian can already define whether the reason is an etiology or an environmental problem. If the problem has dermatological character, for example the cracked nose with small cracks, it can be connected with a fungal or allergic infection.

Why at a Cat a Dry Nose

If the cat also has allocations from a nose, the problem can be caused by influence from a tumor or from presence of a foreign matter. Even the disease of teeth can be the cause.

What else symptoms have to be alarming at us?

The dry nose in itself is the first sign which can frighten the owner, especially if the problem remains for a long time.

Small defeats, crusts and allocations from a nose are symptoms of a possible disease. The same treats lack of appetite, fatigue, slackness and loss of interest. Besides, the owner can understand whether his cat is sick if he coughs, sneezes or has hot ears.

Not only the nose, but also a condition of wool and an eye can provide information on a disease. At last, diarrhea and vomiting, depending on a disease, can arise and affect a cat.

If you noticed these changes recently, it is desirable to watch a cat and, if necessary, to carry her to the veterinarian. Even if these symptoms not always cause concern, it is better to be in safety.

Treatment of dryness of a nose at a cat

If the dry nose of your cat is caused by too dry air, you can establish a humidifier or often air the room. However, if it is result of long stay in the sun or a somnolence before a fireplace or heating, no therapy is required.

If the veterinarian diagnosed a disease, medicamentous therapy can be required.

Why at a Cat a Dry Nose

At skin diseases, such as fungal infection, the veterinarian can appoint ointment or relief of symptoms cream.

If cat's flu is the reason, the antibiotic is usually recommended. If this dental disease, it is treated by the veterinarian. The same treats a foreign matter or a tumor.

House remedies for a dry nose of a cat

To treat a dry cat's nose, it is not always necessary to buy expensive drugs. Often even some house means can help to alleviate to a cat suffering. It is obvious that the fact that treatment has to be suitable for this disease is important, and use of drugs is important.

If the disease is followed by a dry and stuffy nose, it is possible to use spray with salty water.

treatment Period

Duration of a disease and treatment differs from an animal to an animal. First of all the dry nose as you saw, can have many reasons.

Often he can be treated quickly medicines, homeopathic and house remedies, and in the absence of serious diseases he has to become wet again in 1-2 days.

If the cat instead caught flu, usually time of healing takes about a week. The disease is more serious, the healing process lasts longer.

Problems with teeth and also the blocked foreign matters it is usually possible to treat in the surgical way. If the tumor is the reason, additional treatment can be required.

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