• Oct 3, 2019

In network is a lot of amusing videos about strange reaction of cats to cucumbers. The scenario at all same: enclose to an animal a cucumber while it does not expect it, for example, during meal. And when the pet notices it, can jump up, hiss and escape sharply and rather highly.

Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

Myth or fact

Should noting that such sharp reaction follows on emergence close of cucumbers of the extended form. But a solution not only in it.

When a cat is in the place of meal, she is absolutely weakened, feels safe. Its attention is concentrated on food and process of its absorption. Sudden emergence of an unfamiliar subject frightens an animal. If it "enemy" really came nearer, then the cat, first, would hear him, and secondly, scented others smell.

As the cucumber is quietly enclosed by the person from whom the pet does not expect a dirty trick, it also is a surprise factor that leads to a fright. On videos similar reaction of animals which began to be called then "a cucumber phobia at cats" is obviously recorded.

However felinologists (specialists in cats) and also veterinarians dropped a hint of doubt about it. And soon on the Internet there was a new series of videos in which cats not that are not afraid of cucumbers, some even wish to regale on juicy vegetable. In a quiet situation reaction to this vegetable at cats more than quiet.

Than cucumber is so terrible for a cat

can serve as One more explanation for such behavior a self-preservation instinct. It is all about a vegetable form. Similar inspections fans to play a trick on a pet carried out, for example, and with vegetable marrows. The form of the extended, oblong subject can remind a cat a snake.

Zoopsychologists, in turn, extremely do not recommend to put similar experiments with the four-footed favourites. At cats, as well as at people, different extent of psychological perception of the world. Someone reacts to the events which are taking place around more quietly, and someone is more disturbing. You should not cause in cats a fright thus, it can lead to a severe stress at an animal.

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