• Sep 28, 2019

Small domestic predators under the screen of night come for production of livelihood. And where most often there is a food in the human house? Of course, in kitchen. In the afternoon where all family for a lunch or a dinner gathers? The answer – a kitchen table. For a domestic cat this place can become the center of a constant attraction. Sometimes the curiosity is followed by theft. How to fight against it?

Why Cats Constantly Drag Food from a Table and how to Disaccustom

Possible reasons

One of the reasons to drag food from a table – satisfaction of feeling of hunger. The pet is on an insufficient diet therefore because of constant hunger it is forced to steal food. Such theft will be committed at any time. If the cat steals at night, most likely she acts under the influence of instincts. In the nature result of hunting – the got food, in house conditions it is possible to get food on a kitchen table, especially bright and strong cats can "hunt" also in the refrigerator. Also the table is a sublime surface which guarantees to a cat certain safety against possible predators, and it is one more reason that the cat jumps on a table.

How to disaccustom

If the domestic cat drags everything that badly lies from tables and completely eats a stolen property – reconsider her diet. Increase portions of a forage. Try to feed with other forage, perhaps the reason that the forage does not suit this animal. Usually the cats who are on a dry diet are indifferent to human food. Therefore do not provoke a koteyka feeding by vkusnyashka: on the contrary, if he shows curiosity to human food, give it a piece of "tasteless" food – onions, garlic, a cabbage leaf, sausage with pepper or mustard.

If the koteyka climbs tables in night-time and dumps something on a floor – leave forbidden surfaces for the night clean. It you reduce temptation to pull down food from a table. The food stolen as a result of night hunting can be and is not eaten, and simply dumped on a floor and bitten.

Stop all attempts of a pet to jump on a table: splash on a table the newspaper, by a terrible voice tell "It is impossible!". If after all the moustached fluffy jumps on a table, punish him a slap on the crime scene. After he jumps off, to punish is already useless – the lesson will not go for the future. Representatives of cat's do not love water: try to protect a table from them by means of a spray. Sprinkle a cat while she jumped on a table. Several sudden rains are capable to disaccustom an animal to desire to polazat in the forbidden places.

Arrange to the pet his own safe place on the height: make a shelf or buy "a cat's tree". Having the corner, the cat will show less interest in kitchen surfaces.

As soon as moustached-having a tail will show the interest in kitchen tables – intelligibly explain to him by means of sound effects, a strict hail, and it is possible also a small slap that it is strictly forbidden zone. It is more difficult to win against the created habit, but it is possible.

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