• May 24, 2019

of Pets to children who will never grow up. But the old age overtakes them, bringing with itself diseases and death as an inevitable result of any life. Many owners cannot understand why cats leave the house before death, loved them here, fed, gave care and caress for many years.


In the wild nature

Cats are single animals. They communicate among themselves, distinguishing "newcomers" from old neighbors, but do not create any hint on packs even in city conditions, without speaking about the wild nature. For dexterous and brisk predators the personal privacy and inviolability of the territory are extremely important. For this reason of a cat are very clean:

Clean Cat

  • they celebrate need only in special places and on perimeter of borders;
  • are carefully licked, getting rid of the slightest smell;
  • all do not to attract the enemy to the most important site — the place of hunting, eating of food and rest, here the predator is most vulnerable.

When in the nature of a cat overtakes a disease, he first of all leaves far away from this most important site. Prichin's in smells is a diarrhea, vomiting, allocations from a nose and eyes , not well-groomed wool exhale "aromas" which larger predator or a deathbird catches at distance of several kilometers.

not to attract enemies to the favourite vacation spot and hunting, a cat leaves far away and comes back home when she feels better.

Room contents

Old Cat

Unfortunately, improvement of health occurs not always. Sometimes an old age or diseases finally get the best of an animal . The people inclined to superstitions, right there rendered a verdict — the cat leaves the house to die, he feels approach of fast death and therefore leaves the house, wishing to remain alone.

Of course, he realizes nothing of that kind as he is not able to do it owing to limited rational activity. The pet feels bad and acts as instincts order. Sometimes he really wants to avoid special attention, and also unpleasant procedures — he does not understand that pricks and tablets facilitate its state.

In the apartment is no place to leave therefore the pet hides in a case, under a bed, under a bathtub or in other hard-to-reach spot.

It is the same attempt to leave far away from the place of a dream and feeding. A still to hide — the good idea in respect of safety , the exhausted animal cannot protect itself.

Cat at the Veterinarian

To allow a domestic cat to die it is unknown where — not the most humane act. The pet needs at least palliative care. If the speech about the heavy illness causing severe pains , it should be taken into account euthanasia as last "thanks" to a favourite cat in time which she presented to the human family.

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