• Mar 2, 2019

Popular belief that cats purr only during pleasure — delusion. Unlike the majority of animals, they did not get used to advertize sufferings and pain, and for them it is normal. Purr is always pleasant for the owner, but if the pet purrs in unusual situations, it can testify to a disease. If to consider a question why cats purr during pain, everything appears rather simply.

Why Cats Purr during Pain

Signs of presence of pain at a cat

To define whether the favourite animal suffers from the attacked illness, it is necessary to see to it attentively.

will indicate Several signs presence of unpleasant feelings at the pet:

How to Understand What Hurts a Cat

  1. Behaviour . Not so long ago the favourite played, had fun, and now the most part of time prefers to sleep? Or the slow, careful pet rushes for days on end and does not allow to sleep? It is one of signs of what to a cat nezdorovitsya. Happens so that the pet does not touch favourite delicacies, does not appear in favourite places of the dwelling, cardinally replaced the habitat, and this place is very available to strangers.
  2. Rest . The cat does not wish contact with the owner at all, avoids and if the person tries to caress, then behaves very aggressively.
  3. Reserve . The favourite hides to any most secluded places if only not to fall prey of enemies.
  4. Dream . Too long dream and also rest in an unusual pose can testify to disease state of a cat.
  5. Licking . Persuasive licking of wool in the same place also is sign of pain. Thus, they try to reduce the felt discomfort.
  6. Slovenliness . These zverka the cleanest animals on the planet, therefore if the pet refuses to clean himself, then it is an occasion to seem to the expert.

Any changes in habitual behavior have to become a reason for concern.

Symptoms of painful feelings

Besides, if the cat feels pain, then the organism itself tries to hide it, in addition producing endorphins for decrease in pain. On symptoms can be predelit when purr causes pain:

Behaviour of a Cat when Something Hurts Her

  1. The lost look. Eyes, as we know, a window to the soul if the favourite often long looks in one point, his eye is turned in anywhere (especially together with a pose, unusual for it), then it can be sign of internal sufferings.
  2. Toilet. It is worth paying attention to how it goes to a toilet, pain in joints can prevent to accept to sit down, in particular, a normal pose therefore the pet can often leave "marks" behind a tray side.
  3. Purr. Scientists proved that at the purring cat regeneration processes accelerate, pain level decreases. Range of the made sound when rumbling such is that promotes acceleration of processes of healing and increases density of a bone tissue. Therefore long, frequent purring, especially at the moment improper for this purpose — a good motive to think of problems which could arise at the pet.

If are observed several signs, it is important to see immediately a doctor, the animal can suffer, and he needs to be helped.

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