• May 16, 2019

in an embrace of Morpheus about 16 hours a day!

Why Cats the Most Part of Day Sleep

Because of this feature they even got to the rating of the laziest animals that is absolutely unfair to fine predators.

Zoologists tell why cats the most part of day sleep and how to encourage the favourite.

the Way of life in the nature

Harmonious, flexible and lightning — such is the real cat. A Secunda ago the seeming completely weakened, graceful predator does the only breakthrough — and production is caught.

But instant transition from "statue" to "bullet" demands enormous expenses of energy. And the cat should save carefully her, having a rest at any opportunity.

 a way of life of a cat in the nature and the city apartment

And such case is given infrequently, it is necessary to watch constantly the area, otherwise it is possible most to become someone's lunch. Is important to bypass every day the considerable territory, to designate and check borders .

And then carefully to be licked that the smell did not give out to potential production and enemies. And places of ambushes should be checked constantly too — suddenly mice decided "to move" or the same bush was chosen by the competitor.

House sluggards

In the apartment, besides a campaign on a tray and to a bowl, the pet to be engaged there is nothing. And genetic memory whispers "Sleep if such opportunity was given". To a cat, unlike dogs to count there is nobody, her it is vital to be full of strength.

A as is twilight predators, they sleep mainly in the afternoon.

By the evening there is a need to dump energy — from here crazy jumps with a wild look. Having released surplus, the cat comfortably settles down on a sofa, as if having fallen asleep. Skilled owners know that it is only visibility — the favourite has a rest, but on the movement of the pricked-up ears it is visible that does not sleep.

Actually forced sluggard is ready to a game , but people have dreams at night, and leave in the afternoon. Here also should increase the predator locked within four walls a fat literally out of boredom.

And it is easy to entertain a domestic cat even in the absence of owners:

Why Cats Sleep Very Much?

  • the interactive, developing, mechanical toys;
  • regiments, hammocks, columns and complexes for a lasagna;
  • a big cardboard box with several exits and balls from Ping-Pong.

Of course, toys will not replace the real hunting and real-life communication with darling. But it is much better, than to allow a cat to sleep the most part of day.

Besides, an inactive way of life — a direct way to development of chronic diseases.

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