• Feb 24, 2019

Very often floating around the Internet can see photos and video where the cat persistently tries to get into a box. No matter, what it the size, and sometimes even the is less — the better. It is interesting to understand why cats so like boxes, than they are so attractive what riddle in them is hidden. It is worth to remember that these pets are tamed relatively recently, and, so many "legs" grow from wild living conditions.

Why Cats So Like Boxes

The first that occurs — the perfect place for an ambush. Cats — predators by the nature, hunting instincts at them did not get to anywhere. is already unimportant Here on whom or what to hunt:

  • on a toy;
  • on other pet;
  • on the owner's legs.
all is equal to

I that possible production observes all process. The main thing — is very good to hide before hunting.

Why Cats Love Boxes

The opposite reason — perception of a box as the shelter . Hunting — it, of course, is good. But this process about two ends. Suddenly nearby someone hunts you? And this reason — too is from the wild nature where the shelter caves served closer also than a hollow of trees. Felinologists noticed: the cat brought in a box gets used to new conditions, people, the house quicker. Not just provided it new space, initially brought it with the personal shelter, respectively, stresses in such accustoming turn out much less.

Kind of the Paragraph 2: box as social shelter . Cats are deprived of aggregating behavior, they are individualists everywhere, including to them unusually to gather in packs to arrange rough dismantling with other similar pack. Therefore they prefer leaving from the conflict. And what can be the best leaving, than hide? You look until you are found — the conflict will be exhausted by itself.

Not the indisputable version, but too has the right for life — a cat is heated . In this case the monopoly does not belong to a box at all, any quite close space where it is possible to curl up and keep own heat comfortably quite will approach.

Well, and in parallel to fall asleep as option. And it has a talk cat's wild past, areas with the warm and arid climate close to desert where began to tame ancestors modern котофеев. And cardboard at the expense of air layers very well keeps temperature.

Toys for Cats

The rare cat is not auditory. Since the kitten childhood attract more of a toy which make sounds . Preference is given to quiet rustles and rustling. Such sounds are made by production! The leaflet which fell from a tree and rustling on wind on children's hunting with success replaces a mouse. And with age the internal kitten does not disappear anywhere. And what can be finer, than tear apart a box on a great number of similar a shurshalok? Unless previously to poyorzat inside, enjoying the made sounds.

At last if the owner films games with a box, a roller for certain will gather a set of viewings and likes!

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