• Jul 21, 2019

At each dog and a cat, except for some breeds, periodically drops out wool. However if this process too intensive, can indicate it serious diseases. Many factors from stressful situations to bacterial and fungal infections of skin influence process. Establish a set of the reasons of loss of wool at dogs and cats, but 8 of them — the main.

Loss of Wool at Dogs and Cats

When loss of a woolen cover is alarming, it is necessary to seem with the pet at the veterinarian . Sometimes this absolutely normal phenomenon, it is necessary to worry if loss becomes excessive, that is loss happens much quicker, than growth of new hair that can lead to baldness.

the Main reasons for which the favourite loses fur:

The Reasons of Loss of Wool at Dogs

  • A visit to the doctor, emergence in the house of the new pet or newborn, that is a severe stress.
  • Overeating.
  • Hormonal failure.
  • Pathology of internals.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Weakening of hair bulbs.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Infections.

leads the Stress to wool loss, but in most cases does not demand treatment. It is necessary to minimize experiences of an animal that he felt more comfortably. And here diseases and pregnancy require attention of the veterinarian.

How to Be if the Dog Loses Wool

During pregnancy and feeding the animal is seriously weakened. It affects quality and quantity of hair bulbs. Besides, the condition of bulbs is influenced by malnutrition, for example, when the pet was just taken from the street or a shelter and had problems with receiving the correct, well balanced food. Result can be not only thinning of wool , but also emergence of bald spots.

But overeating is also capable to cause problems with indumentum of an animal. is In that case necessary a special diet which the veterinarian has to appoint.

If at the pet completely grew bald a stomach, it can be connected with pathologies of abdominal organs.

Also the reason of a strong molt infections can:

  • bacterial;
  • fungal.

In this case, besides wool loss, also other symptoms will be observed. Will accompany them and other symptoms. The correct diagnosis will be defined by the veterinarian.

leads Excess of hormones of a thyroid gland to presenilation of hair bulbs, process quite often comes to an end with baldness.

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