• Sep 12, 2019

Getting a cat, we represent how we will come from work and we will spend cozy evening on a favourite sofa with the pet in an embrace. But in practice absolutely other picture sometimes turns out: the animal flatly refuses to go on hands, bites, scratched and runs away, it is worth trying to caress him.

Why It Is Not Pleasant to Some Cats when They Are Taken on Hands

Impossibility of flight

For a cat even the loving hands is a restriction of its freedom. In human embraces of the movement of the pet are constrained that at the subconscious level is perceived as potential threat. The cat knows that the owner will not do her harm, but all the same feels in a trap because of impossibility of flight.

On the nature cats are independent animals, it is important to them to control a situation completely. That the cat felt safe, she has to have always ways of retreat in case something is necessary to it not on temper. Therefore you should not smother her the love. At the slightest signs of discontent it is necessary to leave the pet alone.

of Reminiscence of former offenses

The cats taken from the street are especially timid. It is quite possible that once they trusted in the person and bitterly regretted about it. Animals well remember offenses and watchfully treat people if in the past there was a painful experience of contact with them. With a hard lot it is necessary to understand pets and not to force them to accept caress until they show an initiative.

Domestic cats can avoid the owner's hands because of unpleasant memoirs too. Too strongly pressed the favourite or did not hold and dropped — further he without special hunting will go on hands. Or, for example, you took the pet, put in carrying and carried to the veterinarian. The cat can quite associate unpleasant experience of a visit to the doctor with your hands.


All cat's are quite circumspect. Even they approach the relatives carefully. By the nature domestic cats — predators, but they also can become the victims of larger animals.

When the cat is taken on hands, he can apprehend it not as manifestation of caress at all. In his eyes of people — the big and strong being, so, can constitute a certain danger. To strangers of a cat especially reluctantly go on hands, and it is easy to understand it. If person from the earth the giant many times surpassing it in the sizes suddenly tore off, most likely, most of us would feel horror too.

the Pungent smell from the person

At cats a keen sense of smell and they sharply react to pungent smells. All strong aromas are equally unpleasant for them. Pets do not take out a smell of spices, garlic, a lemon, tobacco, perfumery, alcohol.

Favourite spirits of the owner or hostess can become the real torture for a cat. At the same time the person will not understand in what the reason of hostility of the pet, for people moderate aroma of perfume almost always looks pleasant. The ideal owner of a cat are the one who does not drink, does not smoke, eats exclusively fresh food, does not use cosmetics and spirits.

Fear of height and loss of balance

Cats like to rise by height and to watch from there everything that occurs around. But it does not mean that they are fearless. There is an essential distinction: when the cat gets on furniture, it does it on the conditions and completely controls a situation. And if the pet appears against the will above, he feels dickey.

When a cat sharply tear off from a floor, she loses a support and cannot find balance in hover. She is afraid to lose balance and to fall from height. To calm the favourite, it is necessary to hold him correctly. One hand should be placed under a trunk of a cat directly behind forepaws, and to hold with the second hand hinder legs. So the pet will feel a support that will instill in him confidence.

Too temperamental cat

Cats, as well as at people, have a different character. Some pets are phlegmatic and like to lie, having curled up a ball, on hands at the owner. And others, opposite — energy lumps to which it is not sat in place in any way. Once you take such cat on hands, he right there will escape on the affairs. You will not argue with the nature, here already nothing can be made.

Observe habits of the pet. If he from category of temperamental cats, it is not necessary to force him to sit on hands. It is better to play with him active games. With age many cats become quieter and more willingly accept caress. A lot of things depend also on breed. For example, ragdolls love when they are never embraced by the owner, and Siamese — almost.

We stated the main reasons for which the cat does not want to go on hands. To understand what of them is right for your pet, analyse his behavior. In most cases the cat can be accustomed to caress over time. The only occasion to prick up the ears — if a cat flatly refuses to contact though liked to spend time together earlier. Perhaps, something hurts the pet and you need to visit the veterinarian.

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