• Sep 15, 2019

the Majority of cats like to sleep with owners: in legs, at the head, nearby or on a back. Let's understand why pets so do.

Why Many Cats So Like to Sleep with Owners

With you is warm

Cats very thermophilic animals also always look for the place more warmly. It can be batteries, desk lamps, a window sill on which the sun, the place behind the working laptop falls. And at night cats prefer to get to the person into a bed to feel his heat. And if it is necessary to draw more attention, then the cat can lay down a muzzle before the person, showing what wants attention and caress.

your smell

For animals your smell always native and close. It affects favorably their nervous system and is antidepressant. The cat considers the owner mother, and began to smell guarantee of safety.

She always knows

when you get up

That in the morning to be on the alert and know that the owner definitely did not oversleep, the cat watches for the owner's dream. In the morning she will get a tasty breakfast which can be asked.


The pet is very attached to the person and so far he lies nearby, on you or in legs, he thinks that nobody will take his place. The cat considers the owner by the property and with jealousy perceives other animals or people.


Many consider that cats, unlike dogs, are not so strongly attached to the person. The dog certainly considers the owner as the best friend, and cats more often perceive him as own slave who serves their whims. But despite it, cats can miss very strongly so far owners there is no house. And if it left for a long time, then at an animal the appetite can be gone and he will badly feel. Therefore they prefer to control the person, to mass him pads, to be stuck with a muzzle and to purr until he falls asleep.

What to do if it is not pleasant to you when the cat sleeps with you

If the option of inaction and humility with a situation does not suit you, then the pet can try to make the cozy, safe place near a bed. It is possible to establish a cozy lodge on a wall, so it will always see and control you. Put its favourite rag, a blanket and a toy in a lodge. On a bottom of a stove bench lay fabric which smells of you. If it comes further to you at night, it is necessary to try to shift accurately it in the stove bench and to stroke. So she will feel tranquility, safety and will try to fall asleep.

Scientists came to opinion that the dream with cats removes stress for all day. The person relaxes from fluffy heat and purr quicker. Minus can be the fact that the cat can turn and be scratched at night, preventing to sleep the owner.

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