• Sep 16, 2019

your pet was Earlier obedient, knew "toilet" from small age, and now, being an adult, celebrates need in not put place? And any attempts to bring to reason him, are doomed to failure and he everything also persistently goes by? In this article the possible reasons and ways of the solution of this problem are described.

Why the Adult Cat Can Begin to Celebrate Need in the House in Not Put Places and how to Cope with a Problem

Put in a tray

Perhaps the tray is simply inconvenient to an animal. To that too high or small sides can be the cause, or the tray, small by the size, and an animal there badly is located.

The capacity size for a toilet of a cat has to be at least one and a half times longer than an animal that it could be developed there freely.

One more option is possible. Owners do not change filler in time and the cat should sit down on an unstable surface. Also the urine smell concentrated in a tray will beat off desire of an animal to descend there once again and will induce to go nearby.

Still is very accurate cats who need not one, but two trays. So, change a tray in time, and consider preferences of a cat.

In respect of cleaning of a tray the main thing not to be overzealous. Do not forget, at cats the sense of smell is 14 times higher, than at people. From a surplus of very strong washing and chemical means for cleaning of a tray there can be very strong, pungent smell which the animal will not be able to carry and therefore will try to steer clear of it. Besides urgent attempts completely remove a cat's smell from a tray can also remove at an animal association with the latrine.

Plastic inserts in a tray

Perhaps it is simple to your pet to be pleasant to dig "pole", but not to sit on a lattice or platforms with openings. Then just remove plastic inserts from a tray and allow an animal to go to a tray as it is convenient to it.

does not suit the place

Some cats do not hesitate to go in full view of all, and others look for secret places to be at this time in "safety". If your so disturbing cat, just put his toilet far away from places through passage and buy a tray lodge.


Perhaps the pet just does not like filler. For example, wood fillers because of cylindrical granules are rolled under pads.

Or fillers at humidity begin to exude a pungent smell as contain chemical ingredients, and the sensitive cat's nose cannot transfer a pungent smell.

The most optimal solution – to use flavourless filler. Unfortunately, from some types of fillers at cat's can be even irritation on pads.

If you need to translate an animal to other filler, then accustom it gradually, adding new filler to old, and changing a ratio in favor of new.

Puberty and "tags" in the territory

If the animal goes to the "wedding" period on corners, then in it there is nothing strange. So the cat or a cat leave the smell everywhere to attract an opposite sex.

Besides involvement of the sexual partner, these "tags" use to show to other animals that it is their territory. For example, if in the small area of the apartment owners decided to settle still pets, most likely it it not to be pleasant to animals old residents. And they by such radical methods will try to expel the enemy from the possession.

The same reaction will be on emergence in the house of a dog or the child. One more reason – change of the residence, repair, shift of furniture cause the strong concern at cats connected with disappearance of familiar tags and force them to resort to extreme ways of protection of the territory. Active marking of the possession begins.

What to do

The cardinal way – to rub all places where the animal spoils vinegar and a lemon, and a pungent smell will finally disaccustom pets to go where it is not necessary.

There is one more effective way, but more cruel. Close a cat in the room together with a tray for 1-2 days. Of course, you feed him. Cats clever creations and after such temporary "solitary life" will understand that it is better to go to a tray.

At the end it is necessary to emphasize once again that at first it is necessary to understand the reason why the cat suddenly decided to disobey you and only after that to solve it, it is soft also with love.

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