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in the conditions of constantly changing religious views a question why the cat cannot look in the face. At the same time this belief is rather widespread and is mentioned at least, than all the known sign the stolen a march black cat.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face Fixedly
in the conditions of constantly changing religious views it was not easy unambiguous to figure id="attachment_3042" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-3042" to answer a question why the cat cannot look in the face.
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why cats needed to forbid to look fixedly in the face, it is possible not only from positions of legends and superstitions. It, apparently, not a really rational belief has also a scientific explanation connected with features of sight and psychology of these animals.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face Fixedly
Since the first civilizations of the Fertile half moon and finishing with Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, cats were idolized and a little побаивались

Кошки in comparison with other pets

Since the first civilizations of the Fertile half moon and finishing with Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, cats were idolized and were rather afraid a little.

the Features of cats promoting isolation in fauna:

  1. Unusual manifestation of social predisposition. In spite of the fact that cats are loner hunters, they belong to the category of the social animals using a set of sound signals and the movements of a body for communication. In many languages, including at the people of Ancient Egypt, the name of cats comes from onomatopoeia by all to the known miaow which is used by this animal generally for communication with the person.
  2. Cleanliness cats became one more feature which defined the actual idolization of these predators. Not to scare potential production, it is ready to lick for hours the wool for elimination of the smells capable to give its location.
  3. Safety . Because of a considerable difference in sizes, the person does not perceive this rodents hunter as direct threat for the physical health. An opportunity to play with a cat since the childhood defined affection of people for these to an animal fluffy and pleasant to a human eye. At the same time visually domestic cat differs from the larger fellows predators who are extremely unfriendly and ruthless murderers a little.

In the opinion of the person the appearance of a cat is extremely attractive. Even the adult individual possesses the biggest eyes concerning the sizes of own body among all pets. The playfulness, ability to adopt a number of habits of the person (to have a rest on a chair or a bench, to get under a blanket during sleep), allow to forget that the cat is considered almost ideal being for destruction of smaller types.

Why cannot be looked fixedly in the face to a cat (video)

Idolization and investment with magic properties

The efficiency of small predators in literal sense saved from starvation the whole settlements of the first farmers. At the same time first it was not required to feed up specially cats, they practically do not need the vegetable food necessary for dogs, too capable to hunt rodents. Independence and exclusive usefulness in extermination of wreckers made cats valuable animals partners of the person. Together with understanding of value of these hunters on rodents also legends of otherworldly essence of unusual pets began to appear.

In Ancient Egypt there was a belief that cats are directly connected with the other world. The ability to communicate with the dead was attributed to mysterious predators. Passed from father to son a story about how the next unfortunate looked in cat's eyes and forever plunged into a next world.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face Fixedly

At such attitude towards a cat it was impossible and to think of trying to attack the little hunter. What surprise for God-fearing Egyptians or Romans was a sudden manifestation of aggression from cats who were too long looked fool in the face. It could mean only manifestation of anger of gods to which to resist was deadly.

In the Middle Ages of a position of a cat as divine creation reeled a little. at the same time mystical abilities of these animals got a negative shade. Cats became assistants to evil spirit, the integral attribute of witches and sorcerers. Animals began to be destroyed actively, and the attention, excessive to them, which is expressed in long visual contact could become a reason for charges of sorcery.

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Scientific justification of a sign

The modern person is not satisfied with mystical explanations, besides such justifications have property to change over time on opposite.

Inadmissibility of fixed visual contact with a cat is explained by her psychology of a predatory animal and also feature of sight. In a generalized view of the reason of undesirability of fixed visual contact with cat's eyes look so:

  • a difference in features of sight of the person and a cat;
  • the discomfort felt at collision with a stare;
  • possibility of manifestation of uncontrollable aggression.

The sight of the person is divided into central and peripheral with clear split between them. At regard something surrounding objects look is a little indistinct, and to begin to consider other subject, the person needs to translate the look.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face Fixedly

The cat has no such accurate distinction. She does not need to concentrate on motionless objects, eyes of a predator are capable to perceive all visible space equally. Therefore at long and a stare directly in eyes the small animal just does not understand the reason of such attention that he can start instincts of a predator.

In the wild nature the dense visual contact is a call on a duel. This reason defines also why the dog especially unfamiliar cannot look in the face. In fauna the visual contact precedes physical collision. Rivals check determination of each other and if someone takes eyes aside, the held look is considered the winner. It helps to avoid life-threatening animal damages and injuries. If it is not looked away, and the animal is for some reason ready spitefully, the aggressive physical contact becomes inevitable.

Looking to an animal in eyes, it is possible to become object of manifestation of its protective instincts directed to self-defense. Practically all animals have no so-called second alarm system allowing the person to operate the unconditioned reflexes. Getting into discomfortable situation, animals are not able to consider the events and react as it is put in them by the nature.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face Fixedly

Why cannot kiss a cat

This belief also initially contacted presence at a cat of paranormal abilities. Explaining why it is impossible to kiss cats, ancient exorcists frightened by loss of soul and stealing of astral energy.

In reality the ban on physical contact with a muzzle of an animal is caused by danger of infection with the pathogenic organisms which are in saliva and animal hair. It is especially dangerous to pregnant women who under the influence of hormones often cannot refrain from kisses of the lovely pet directly in a muzzle. Animals can be a source of a disease of the toxoplasmosis having negative effect on the developing fruit.

Observant ancestors decided that it is impossible to kiss cats on a muzzle, having connected it with the increased incidence of the people who are often caressing and kissing the pets.

In the modern world various taboos and the religious bans are no more than the recommendation for the organization of own life. Domestic cats live with the person not one thousand years and, having got used to the members of household, small predators begin to concern people much more friendly. An ordinary cat, living in quiet, friendly atmosphere, it will be optional to show aggression in relation to the person looking it in the face.

Interesting facts (video)

At communication with an unfamiliar cat it is better to remember after all presence at it of natural instincts and not to provoke an animal, bringing discomfort too a stare. As for rules of hygiene, it is not strongly recommended to kiss animals on a muzzle. It is necessary to remember that the cleanliness of a cat forces it to use the language for licking of all body, including the places improper for kisses.

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