• Sep 16, 2019

If in your house there live several pets, you, perhaps, noticed how the cat and a dog drag a forage each other from time to time. And though they can be the best friends, sleep and play together, nevertheless you should not give them an identical forage. Why cats are attracted by a dog forage and whether safely to cats to regale on what is eaten by a dog?

 the Cat climbs in a bowl of a dog of a photo

Photo: flickr

Why cats like a dog forage?

There are several reasons for which dog food can attract cats.

  1. Smell of certain ingredients. Cats by the nature predators, and aroma of meat the nose can induce them to stick in a dog bowl, especially if there not a dry feed, but canned food. And if the cat does not like that forage that you chose for her, but attracts a smell dog, Murlyka can quite try to join the Friend's lunch.
  2. Texture of a forage — one more reason for which the cat can attempt upon dog food. All cats different, with the preferences, but if you see that your cat over and over again tries "to start a paw" in a dog bowl, perhaps, she likes to feel such type of a forage which is eaten by your dog in language.
  3. it is possible, it is simply inconvenient to cat to eat her own forage. For example, cats with a short muzzle (such as Persian) can experience difficulties, picking out forage pieces from the bowl, and that forage that you give to a dog, is more convenient in this regard.
 the Grey cat near a bowl with a photo forage

Photo: pexels

dog cat food Is harmful?

According to information PetMD, dog food — not the best option of feeding of a cat. At least, as the main component of a diet.

The matter is that the structure of dog food differs from structure of cat food, so, cats who eat a dog forage lack important components. For example, often add vitamin A as cats need an additional source of this vitamin to a cat's forage. Same concerns taurine and arakhidonovy acid. These ingredients are not added to dry dog food, and the lack, for example, of taurine for a cat can become the reason of cardiovascular diseases.

Eventually, cats need more protein, than to dogs as they are strictly carnivorous beings while dogs — plotovseyadny . And dog food for cats is too poor in this regard.

How to save a dog forage from cats?

If the cat regales on a dog forage only occasionally, in it there is nothing terrible. However it is better to hold nevertheless a cat far away from a dog bowl. The best way — to feed pets in different places and to exclude free access to each other food.

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