• Oct 10, 2019

of Any kotovladelets depresses a situation when the pet tears up claws about upholstered furniture, walls and carpets. To disaccustom a cat to this addiction, to him buy a kogtetochka. But often the pet ignores this subject, continuing to spoil master's property. Why does that happen also what to do?

Why the Cat Ignores a Kogtetochka

Not that model

The cat can refuse a kogtetochka if he does not suit model. When choosing stock it is necessary to consider breed of an animal and his personal preferences.

For decorative breeds at which quite soft claws, the hard coating of a kogtetochka will not approach. Claws will be injured about a tree or rigid material. And here any surfaces will be suitable for the Bengalese cat or the savanna who are true hunters. Their claws strong and strong.

It is more convenient to some cats to sharpen claws about a horizontal surface therefore they will remain indifferent to vertical boards and columns. Instead of retraining the pet, it is necessary to observe him, to consider preferences and to get suitable model.

Types of a covering когтеточек:

  • carpet. If the fluffy bezobraznik chose your chairs and sofas, stop the choice on a kovrolinovy covering. It is pleasant to cats to immerse pads in soft fabric, to cling it claws and to extend fibers;
  • sisal. It is strong, strong material. The columns wound by it will be suitable for large breeds. It is convenient to cats to clamber upward, clinging claws to a sizalevy winding. At the same time claws well grind off;
  • jute. Attracts cats with fibrous natural structure. Can suit many breeds;
  • tree. To find the product which is completely made of a tree, difficult in shop. This dense material does not suit the majority of breeds. But if you noticed that yours the murlyka tears up claws only about a case or a wooden door, you should make a kogtetochka or to make the individual order in pet-shop.

Not that size

The kogtetochka bought by you can not suit a cat by the size. Growth of the pet has to correspond to stock height. The Maine Coon or other large cat need a copy not less than 70 cm high

From wild ancestors to pets the manner at deflation of claws to extend paws passed. So they try to seem more to frighten off the opponent. Therefore the small kogtetochka will be inconvenient to a large cat. The product has to be one and a half times higher than him.

Not in that place

To accustom a cat to a kogtetochka, it is necessary to establish a construction in the convenient location. If you noticed that the door suffers from claws, buy a vertical kogtetochka and establish on this door or near it. If the cat got used to tear up claws in a corner, it is better to get angular model and to fix it exactly there. And still experts advise to place kogtetochka in different places and to leave the copy which is fallen in love to the pet.

is Badly fixed

The refusal of a kogtetochka can speak fear of this object. If the stock is badly fixed and is unsteady, the cat will treat it cautiously. And if the kogtetochka already fell on the pet, then it will be almost impossible to accustom to it. The cat has to feel safe and feel a reliable support under paws.

is necessary for Kot time

The pet can treat new stock watchfully. The unfamiliar thing is capable to frighten an impressionable animal. That the cat got used to it, time is necessary. It is not necessary to hurry the favourite and to violently see off him paws on a kogtetochka. Then he will precisely avoid it, and all your efforts will become vain.

Several councils how to accustom the pet

Cats are clever animals. If you correctly chose a kogtetochka, then process of schooling to it will not take a lot of time.

It is the best of all to hold this event for stages:

  1. Allow the pet to get acquainted with new stock quietly. Give to an animal time most to deal with purpose of a kogtetochka. The cat soon will understand how it is pleasant to tear up about her claws.
  2. If it did not occur, start training. For this purpose put a cat near a kogtetochka, accurately take her pad and slightly press on a small pillow that claws moved forward. Carry out by claws on a surface, hooking for fibers. Repeat several times a day.
  3. Surely praise the favourite, give delicacy. At a cat the positive motivation has to be created. Let the kogtetochka be associated with the pleasant moments.
  4. Observe at first the pet. As soon as he has an intention to sharpen claws in not put place, tenderly transfer it to a kogtetochka.
  5. Several days while there is a training, do not abuse a cat for the peeled furniture. Show patience. If the disgrace proceeds, it is necessary to try to replace model of a kogtetochka or to establish it in other place.

The toys suspended to it or a hand bell can help with schooling to a kogtetochka. A cat, playing with them, will cling claws to the surface of the exercise machine and itself will understand how it is pleasant. It is also possible to grease a stock surface with cat's mint which is on sale in pet-shop. This substance very much is pleasant to cats. The pet will spend in the right place more time.

As the means which is frightening off a cat from sofas and chairs it is possible to use a spray with water. Having sprinkled on the fluffy hooligan at the time of damage of furniture, you will let it know what so cannot be done. Next time the pet will be afraid to tear up a sofa. It is impossible to use physical force when training.

Zoopsychologists claim that cats tear up claws and spoil your property not for harm. It is explained by the congenital aspiration of a predator to be fully equipped. The person cannot disaccustom the favourite to this occupation. The only exit — to pick up to a cat a suitable kogtetochka and to help it to master this useful stock. Show care to the pet, and he will answer you with love and attachment.

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