• Dec 11, 2019

When dogs begin to lick the owners, it is not surprising. However if the same is done by cats, owners sometimes experience bewilderment. At dogs such behavior is treated as expression of tenderness and devotion, and here cats lick people for the most different reasons. Let's tell about them in our article.

Why the cat licks hands: 6 reasons of behavior of the pet

Makes advances

Manipulation attempt – one of the reasons of licking of hands, persons or even the owner's clothes. So the pet reports that he wants to play. That the similar behavior did not repeat, leave to the favourite on the date of a toy: balls, feathers, ribbons and also textile mice and small fishes. So the cat will be able independently to occupy herself.


Sometimes the owner becomes a peculiar psychotherapist for the pet. Licking a hand of the person, the cat gets rid of a stress which can become a visit to the veterinarian or a tiresome trip in carrying. The contact with a familiar palm of the owner calms an animal and switches attention. Often little kittens lick hands of new owners in the first days after excommunication from mother. So they get rid of a psychological trauma.


The reasons of excessive licking are not always harmless. Sometimes such behavior directly speaks about manifestation of diseases.

  1. Fleas. Carefully working with language, the cat to seek to save from insects not only herself, but owners.
  2. Allergic reactions on skin. The tobacco smell, incorrectly picked up shampoo or new products are capable to cause an allergy in the form of hypostases, allocations from a nose and eyes, skin rashes. Trying to get rid of discomfort, the fluffy ward can try to solve a problem, licking himself, and also the owner.
  3. Indisposition. If earlier the pet did not show tendernesses in this way, it is worth pricking up the ears. Perhaps, so the cat wants to pay attention to feeling sick. In this case it is better to address for consultation the veterinarian.
  4. Diseases of gums. At the old cats having problems with teeth the increased salivation which leads to constant licking of and all family members is quite often observed.

Wants attention

Not always fluffy pets manage to transfer the whole day of loneliness quietly. Being within four walls all day long, the animal begins to pine with boredom. When the owner comes back, the cat actively licks him, drawing to herself attention. Despite load and abundance of household chores, it is necessary to allocate a little time and for communication with a cat that your favourite had no deficiency of attention.

"I main"

Licking the owner, cats not only show tender feelings in gratitude for food and care, but also automatically tag peculiar. Animals thus perceive the person as property.

Care of hygiene

Licking the wool, cats follow the most ancient instinct connected with disposal of unnatural smells. If to smear the pet having a tail with medical ointment, he will lick the part of the body processed by medicine for a long time. Sometimes the cat licks also the person, wishing to save him from unpleasant smells which for an animal aromas of soap, spirits, shampoos are.

Licking the owner, pets first of all express the attachment. However if the fluffy inhabitant of the apartment began to lick members of household recently, it is necessary to observe him. Perhaps, such behavior is a symptom of any diseases.

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