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Practically in each family. The special curiosity is caused by a sad cat. Recently the Internet is filled a set of photos of the pets unlike the others. Black, gray, white or multi-colored – all of them have the expression of a muzzle and aura. Some like to fill the dwelling only with pleasant emotions therefore choose breeds of funny, cheerful and playful cats. But the owner of this pet is distinguished from all, his favourite constantly wants to be regretted because of sad expression.

Why the Sad Cat So Looks?
Special curiosity the sad cat

the Star of the Internet

At our pets the whole armies of admirers are going to networks, and their new photos literally blow up the Internet. One of such is the most sad cat by nickname Tard (it is reduced from the full name Tartare sauce), who lives in Arizona. The history of its popularity began with the fact that the owner of an unusual animal posted several photo of the favourite on the Internet. Feature of the kid in eternally angry expression of an attractive face because of what an impression is visually made that the cat is dissatisfied with everything.

Why the Sad Cat So Looks?

These photos so struck Internet users that were even such which began to doubt in its truthfulness. They claimed that here the obvious photoshop then the owner of a sad koteyka uploaded video with the favourite. And all were convinced that the cat looks quite so.

After that Tard became the real star. It is known as Grumpy Cat that in translation is meant by an angry cat. Such look to it is given by an unusual jaw because of which genetic features, corners of a mouth of an animal are lowered. All this image is supplemented by sad blue eyes. On external signs it the most sad cat in the world.

the Most sad cat (video)

But actually everything is not so sad. When the cat frolics and played, she all the same does it with a sad muzzle. Nevertheless Tard – very friendly. She likes to lie on a lap, allows to tickle to herself a stomach and even purrs.

very sad cat Lives quite not bad. Krom of owners, it has own manager and the administrator of the personal website, the blog. It is possible to find a lot of different products with the image of the most dissatisfied cat: from charms and pillows to t-shirts, mugs and calendars. Thanks to the unusual appearance, he became the real celebrity.

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Breed of Grumpy Cat

Having seen the photo of a cat with a dissatisfied muzzle, many begin search of this unusual pet. What the breed is? The cat has no special family tree. It is the most usual breed, and his parents are simple domestic animals. The first the unusual kitten – the elder brother Tard by nickname Poki appeared. This is less friendly fluffy, than his sister, but too with sad expression of a muzzle.

Why the Sad Cat So Looks?

In the following dung with similar deviations only one Tard was born, and all other kittens looked as well as all. On Poki's coloring there are no doubts that it is an ordinary mongrel (this is a sad black cat with white specks), and here Tard really looks as if it has some unique breed. It resembles sacred Burma superficially.

the Interesting facts about cats (video)

Except an unusual muzzle, all the favourite and known sad cat has also other features. At Tard hinder legs are longer than lobbies because of what she has problems with coordination and movement. But at the same time veterinarians claim that on all signs the cat is absolute is healthy.

This animal was very lucky, it has a loving friend and a lot of fans. He is deprived and absolutely healthy nothing. But other animals who suffer from human indifference never look happy. People have to make the pets cheerful and cheerful, despite their breed and a family tree.

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