• Oct 2, 2019

Is in the nature a plant which can be met almost everywhere, even on other continents. Many representatives of a cat's sort from wild and furious tigers, lions, leopards and panthers, to a peaceful domestic cat test weakness to this grass. The name of this plant – a kotovnik cat's, and in common people – cat's mint.

Why to Cats Cat's Mint and as It Affect Your Favourites

As cat's mint affects cats

The cat of any size needs to guess aroma of cat's mint as all noble inviolability disappears at the very same time. The cat throws all the cat's cares and in a moment turns around in purring, tender, riding on a floor a being. She violently rubs about a phytohormone source, tastes a plant, invitingly shouts, and sometimes heatedly jumps around.

A bit later the cat begins to stretch all over, lays down on a floor and with calm falls asleep. At the same time if the favourite usually does not sit minutes in place, then he relaxes and calms down and if it is, on the contrary, the meek creature – can quicken and become more mobile.

Effect of essential oils on a brain of a cat continues 10-15 minutes. Then she comes back to the habitual state and at all loses any interest in a plant.

Action of a plant is similar to action of pheromones – sex hormones. For this reason the animal unconsciously begins to imitate sexual behavior. Still it can be compared to action of a tranquilizer – the mood of the pet is considerably lightened, and there occurs the strongest relaxation of all organism later.

Cat's mint – the great assistant in correction of behavior of pets

Considering the fact that the plant is absolutely harmless to a cat, but at the same time has the fast weakening effect, it was learned to be applied with advantage:

  1. To help to remove symptoms of a stress of a cat the sack with mint will help. Will not be superfluous to indulge the pet with favourite aroma in case the long journey, moving or visit vetklinik is necessary to you.
  2. Schooling to a kogtetochka? To draw attention of a cat to a new subject of an interior as easy as shelling pears. It is possible to buy the kogtetochka which is in advance impregnated with aromas of a cat's kotovnik in pet-shop, and it is possible at home, independently, by means of specialized spray which part plant extract is.
  3. The bothered toys will attract new interest after several hours lie down in a bag of the dried-up mint leaves.
  4. The new stove bench, by all means, will become the favourite place if at first to draw attention to it, having hidden a fabric sack with the dried-up sprouts of a plant inside.
  5. Will help to cajole an animal during combing also attractive aroma.

A if suddenly a cat does not react to cat's mint

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to quality bought (or collected) plants. Volatiles allocate with leaves, and this process is not infinite. It is possible that aroma "expiration date", simply expired. Also it is necessary to remember that kittens aged before half a year do not react to action of a plant.

Appeal of cat's mint to cats it is put genetically and it is transferred to a young animal from parents. If mother or the father and furthermore both parents did not show interest in aroma of a kotovnik cat's, then and a kitten remains is indifferent to it. About 30% of cats are insensitive to a smell of this plant.

Each owner decides to use or not effect of a kotovnik cat's on the pet –. Achieving any objectives, it is necessary to remember that nothing is better than love and caress it is not thought up yet.

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