• Apr 20, 2019

When studying the genetic indicators providing this or that option of coloring of hair of dogs quite often arises a question what is a gene of an aguta and what he is responsible for. This site of DNA is called in honor of a small animal from the family of Rodents having a gray-brown shade of wool which is fine option for masking.

Widespread Breeds of Dog about an Aguta Genome

of the Geneticist of coloring

The aguta gene designated by experts as an allele And, at the wild animals belonging to family of canids defines a volche-gray color of wool. It has an impact and on a color of wool of the vast majority of thoroughbred dogs of whom existence of a volcheobrazny gray shade is characteristic.

Grey Norwegian Elkhaund

the Most widespread breeds of this group:

  1. Siberian huskies;
  2. gray Norwegian элкхаунд;
  3. a gray German shepherd (presence of a genotype And at this breed of dog is discussed today).

Main versions

Owing to continuous process of formation of genetic mutations four kinds of mutant alleles were formed:

As gene, being prepotent, causes a continuous black color,

Cheprachny and Black and Subdead Colour of Dogs

  1. As Gene, being prepotent , causes the continuous black color acting as feature of many breeds of dog. Within its domination color variations from brown-black to black and coal are possible. Scientists explain presence of such range with the fact that this the allele, perhaps, can have not a completely dominant position, and in this case presence of other its versions can define existence of a brown shade of wool of various degree of expressiveness.
  2. Ay Allele . This gene also is prepotent. Its influence is shown in the form of formation at a dog of a red color. However at the same time existence and a hair with black tips — so-called typed is allowed. They are found on the head of an animal, shoulders, along a back and on a tail.
  3. Recessive alleles of Asa and At define similar, at first sight, colors — cheprachny and black and subdead. To the most typical option of a black and subdead shade of wool distribution of black color on all top surface of a trunk treats with presence of red color on inside of extremities, the lower surface of a muzzle and on a breast in the form of marks. Constant sign is existence of two characteristic spots of a red shade over eyes.

of Difference between cheprachny and black and subdead colors is that age changes are characteristic of the first. Such puppies are born almost identical.

at animals whose phenotype is caused by influence of a gene of asa, wool brightens With age a little, increase in the area of red marks is observed.

The allele of asa is the closest to an initial gene And.

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