• Feb 6, 2020

To appearance of a pet. Long discussed and solved whom to get – a cat or a doggie. We with the son were for a kitten, the husband inclined to buying a puppy more.

And suddenly with a call of my sister at whom the cat gave birth to kittens recently this issue by itself was resolved. I remember, Olya in a tube and told: "Among 4 kittens there is one most-presamy!!! Very tender and pretty, I cannot keep as there is already both a cat, and a dog. But I want that this kitten remained in family. So take away!"

The child was, of course — pro. And we with the husband breathed a sigh of relief: the decision is made!

it was easy to get used to the new resident in the house?

A kitten we called Badi that in translation from English is meant by the Friend. The son just at school began to learn English, and it is pleasant to it on foreign manners to call an animal, slightly stretching vowels in a word and allocating final "c" — "pet".

As well as the sister promised, we got a kitten very tender. It is manual: adores that it was ironed. With pleasure keeps within to me or to the husband on knees when we watch TV. When to the son friends come, plays with them. Allows children of to squeeze, to be sorry. He does not bite and is not scratched. If kids too get him, then just runs away.

Fathers somehow at once "had to the yard". No problems with it existed. We took it 2-month-old. The kitten was already accustomed to a tray. During all the time never descended by. It is interesting that more Badi goes only when someone is at home that at once removed. Here such it at us clean!

Still the cat very well fitted into an interior. It chocolate color is also ideal for brown furniture and walls. It is a joke, of course, but nevertheless – it is pleasant!

the kitten Scottish lop-eared in leaving is How simple?

I very much was afraid that the cat will tear up furniture, to hang on curtains, to do any other Skodas and harm. But is not present! We have just ideal cat. From claws, however, there are traces on a leather sofa. But it specially scratches nothing, does not tear. It has a kogtetochka on which he sleeps, about it and claws sharpens.

Ya would tell that leaving for Scottish lop-eared very simple. Though cats these rather fluffy, from them it is a little wool. Even in the period of a molt wool does not roll shreds. Only if on clothes remains.

Specially it is not necessary to bathe a cat. He licks himself. In order that wool came out an organism, it is necessary to give them special cream and gels. From compulsory procedures at us: podstriganiye of claws, wiping peephole wadded disk. After a toilet surely we wipe to it with wet towel wipes of a paw. Fathers – a cat cultural!

As it is necessary to feed a kitten Scottish lop-eared?

In a question of food adheres to the recommendations of the veterinarian. We feed him with a dry and damp feed. We buy the forage corresponding to age. To us it is meanwhile necessary – for kittens. From a table

we give nothing. And he also does not beg. When I prepare, I can treat him with a small piece of meat or fish. It is pleasant to it!

What character at the Scottish lop-eared?

of Badi quiet, kind and tender. In it there is no aggression or rage at all.

Though the sister says that at all 4 kittens characters different. For example, the same chocolate kitty as ours, did not give itself to iron at all, it was very difficult to take her on hands. Striped, as a tiger cub, the brother – very active guy, an unruly top. And one more girl – very cunning, as a fox. Her new owners even named Alice. The sister maintains the relations with all owners of kittens. Speaks, all are very happy with the pets.

there Were some problems with health at a kitten?

First of all we, of course, did to Badi all put vaccination. In this question accurately followed the recommendations of the veterinarian. Everything passed rather easily and quickly.

Fie-fie, we have a healthy cat. So far he had no problems with health.

the Kitten helped the child to get rid of nightmares

Our son Zhora is 9 years old. We had a problem which could not be solved long: the child was afraid to remain Home Alone, never closed a door to the room. Nearly an every night resorted to us, said that something terrible seems, it seemed to it that in the room someone is.

we just forgot

with the advent of a kitten about all fears. They sleep peacefully together in the room behind the closed door. Zhora also ceased to be afraid to remain one.

They developed the habits. Every day after school the son surely spends some time with a cat. Rush together on the apartment with shurshalka, pishchalka, soft toys, balls. When Zhora does homework, a cat — nearby. In the nursery at it the lodge, a kogtetochka, are a lot of any different shelves where he with pleasure climbs.

Interestingly the cat meets us when we come home. He lays down on a back, scatters paws, becomes similar to chicken. It is necessary to stroke him, to greet, then already only to pass to the apartment. In the same way he meets the husband from work. They already too had traditions in communication. After the active games and zhmyakaniye they with pleasure together watch TV.

But massage of the head and neck in Badi's family does only to me! This procedure usually happens in the mornings. The cat resorts to me when Zhora leaves the room, jumps on a bed – and begins to touch actively pads. This very useful occupation! When massage becomes especially sensitive, I already understand: it is time to cut to a cat claws. And in general I think why I receive such attention? Perhaps it is worth seeing a doctor and to make X-ray of cervical vertebras? Not for nothing it is considered that cats feel sore points …

Habits of a kitten of Badi

The kitten likes to play with the different pieces of paper, balls, pishchalka rustling with packages. But its favourite toy – a soft elk on a magnetic – a souvenir from Finland. From all magnets on the refrigerator it throws off it and rushes on all apartment. We already tried to change with it on other toy, but he chooses only it.

From addictions: catches flies. We try to disaccustom him to it, but he does not give in. Happens, climbs a table. But usually we have nothing there from a food so quickly loses interest and jumps off.

Treats moving calmly. Though it is considered that cats are animals territorial and get used to one place, our Badi did not manage to wean from the place of the birth yet. We often are on a visit at the sister, even two times for several days he was left without us there. He perfectly feels in the company with a cat and a dog a Pekinese. To it it is cheerful there! So the question with whom to leave the pet for the period of the holiday, at us is solved.

I do not know

whether the speech understands Badi, but you will tell: "Badi to eat!" — right there resorts. And when the flower gnaws, will call it strictly — otprygivat. In general he gnaws only a dragon tree in the bedroom. The cat is indifferent to other plants which stand at us on a floor on all apartment.

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Why the kitten purrs?

I know, many are irritated by cat's rumbling. It does not strain me. On the contrary, even sometimes calms. But it seems to me that cats after all purr only in the pleasure. Only when it is good them when are located to caress and want that they were ironed.

the Photo from personal archive of Irina

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