• Feb 14, 2020
Now fish uses

ill fame not only among owners, but also among professional manufacturers.

it is probable img-responsive, it is all about traditions. Before cats fed with available and cheap small fish, with a large number of bones, so, overflowed with minerals. Without balancing of a diet such fish moreover and in the raw, led to formation of uric stones, hypovitaminosis of B1 vitamin and anemia.

Why in modern diets for cats producers without any fears use fish components moreover and recommend such forages how vidosootvetstvuyushchy ?

Fish in a diet of cats:

  • possesses high biological value since contains all irreplaceable amino acids;
  • it is very attractive to cats, and forages with fish in structure possess a good poyedayemost ;
  • is a source of minerals in biologically available form;
  • fine source of irreplaceable fatty acids .

Fish of "noble" grades in precisely balanced quantity can bring to a domestic cat only benefit, among other things, meat of such fishes also is very easily acquired, does not render additional load of digestion, and it, you see, is important for cats with sensitive digestion.

What the owner needs to know, including fish in the pet's diet?

Including fish in a diet of the cat, surely be convinced by that:

  • this fish of a "noble" look,

  • the diet of your cat is balanced on nutrients, vitamins and minerals,

  • you took away whenever possible all bones (the bones which underwent heat treatment can wound a digestive tract),

  • this fish underwent the corresponding processing for destruction of dangerous enzymes.

Or choose qualitative ready food for the favourite!

How to provide a cat with enough animal protein?

Domestic cats remain the most real predators which basis of a diet meat and proteins of animal origin has to make.

The lack of a diet of a cat of animal protein can result in deficiency of an arginin, one more irreplaceable amino acid which is responsible for neutralization of products of proteinaceous exchange, in particular, of ammonia.

of NATURAL Greatness for cats for 82-86% consists of various sources of high-quality protein, such as :

  • salmon,
  • turkey,
  • lamb,

  • chicken,

  • rabbit,

  • liver and whole egg.

One more plus in favor of ready diets — fish is exposed to processing. It excludes negative impact of enzymes on digestion of minerals and vitamins and also completely excludes a possibility of infection of a cat with dangerous helminthoses.

at the expense of what work a stern with fish in structure?

First of all, due to exact balance of ingredients, vitamins and minerals, protein and also irreplaceable amino acids . In analytical structure of 1000 mg of DL methionine, irreplaceable amino acid which participates in control of pH of urinary tract. Mineral substances are also strictly balanced therefore the cat receives the necessary and safe level of phosphorus and magnesium.

Vidosootvetstvuyushchy diets — a revolutionary innovation in food of the castrated and sterilized cats and cats.

is not just one more brand of forages for pets, and the whole research of food of cats from the natural point of view.

Experts in the field of food of cats of NATURAL Greatness developed four recipes, each of which is suitable for prevention of an urolithic disease. In the recipe of Field&River Recipe at the same time up to 43% of a salmon in the fresh and dehydrogenated look!

The natural and balanced diets embodying the idea of vidosootvetstvuyushchy food , perfectly satisfy needs of modern domestic cats and that is why:

  • The main source of a protein – meat of different types of animals, fish, an offal and whole eggs. You can be sure that the cat will receive all complex of irreplaceable amino acids for creation of body tissues and a metabolism.

  • Various vegetables and fruit — a source of bioflavonoids, minerals and vitamins B to biologically available form for optimization of a metabolism and simplification of work of internals.

  • Prebiotics already well proved among producers of ready food for pets, and of NATURAL Greatness not an exception. Fruktooligosakharida and a mananoligosakharida will support useful microflora for improvement of digestion and good immunity.

  • The main power source – digestible fats and proteins of animal origin.

you can study the concept of vidosootvetstvuyushchy food and diets of NATURAL Greatness on website the official distributor of this remarkable brand.

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