• Aug 29, 2019

Whether told you at least once this magic phrase? It is sure that yes. And you, Cheloveki, in a mayaniye a nonsense are not unique at all. How it occurs at Us and at you and whether it is possible to stop process of a duryyumayaniye somehow? I also reflected on it. And results of reflections it is ready to share.

The Horse Puts Out the Tongue at a Photo

Whether you watched sometime the Dog who meets other Dog? Most often it happens to Dogs, that is Dog Stallions. They meet the rival approximately equal on force and adjusted unfriendly, and in them two desires fight: to fight or escape. And sometimes instead of that and another they approach the next bush and begin to water it.

Or the Dog who is broken off between desire to approach the owner and to escape from it (because for approach to the owner she was once punished, for example, or if after each approach she is taken away from interesting walk and conduct home), begins to scratch. It would seem, such behavior does not solve a problem. It is similar to a glitch. Why to be engaged in senseless business, that is to toil with a nonsense?

Also your, Human scientists thought of it. Also were trained on Hamsters. The cage with unfortunate Hamsters was installed on the vibrostand and turned on it. Hamsters in panic try to escape from an earthquake, but there is no place to escape. And Hamsters sit down and begin … to wash.

The Hamster Washes a Photo

it would Seem what sense in it? But the matter is that the energy directed to a way out cannot find an adequate exit as habitual schemes of behavior just do not work. Also it is necessary to spend it for an exit inadequate. It is called the Displaced Activity.

The displaced Activity arises in 2 cases:

  1. Frustration. It when you or We cannot satisfy important requirement. As Hamsters who could not escape from an earthquake.

  2. Conflict of 2 mutually exclusive tasks. As at the Dog who cannot solve, run to the owner or from him or run away from other Dog or fight with her. 2 important requirements fight with each other, lose control over an organism, and at this time into the forefront the third requirement, not really important, but the had opportunity to take a steering wheel leans out. Rippling or watering of a bush, for example.

What relation it has to you, Chelovekam, you ask. The most direct!

Let's say you – some Responsible Manager. Also you solve the Important Problem. Plunged into it on most I cannot. And at this time the Chief Boss runs up to you and shouts that it is necessary urgently, simply incredibly urgently to settle some Trifle. What is done in such situation by the Responsible Manager? And he … opens Magic Facebook and begins to scroll a tape. Because the Important Task and the Urgent Trifle fight for the one which of them has to occupy a steering wheel. And on the quiet reins of government are taken by Magic Facebook.

People Sit on Facebook of a Photo

Just as at Hamsters, the word of honor.

And the Multizadachny you, Cheloveki become, the more Requirements battle for the right to be the First, so, the less effectively you act. And that longer postpones Important Tasks, заменяяясь by Razna Nonsense. It is called Procrastination.

What with it to do, you ask. Well, on that to you, Chelovekam, the Will power and Intelligence are also given that with their help to remove some tasks from the head. And to place Priorities, finding additional Motivation.

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