• Aug 29, 2019

When you, Cheloveki, speak about the difference from Animals, often mention that in your, Human language there are concepts inaccessible to Animals. And it is feature only of your thinking. But in recent years your clever Cheloveki whom you call Scientists, began to doubt in whether your and our language and thinking so differs as you got used to consider.

 the Person goes on a bay horse on кордео a photo

On a photo: I, Gonzhishche, roll the Person. Photo : elsie-by.livejournal.com

For example, there was such Koko's Gorilla who learned a sign language and quite to herself owned different Concepts, in possession of which you to Us, the Animal, refuse.

 Koko's Gorilla and kitten of a photo

On a photo: Koko's gorilla. Photo: google

But it is the Gorilla, you will tell, the being close to Chelovekam. However can learn the intelligent speech and … A parrot – a bird whom you often treat with neglect.

For example, the American psychologist Irène Pepperberg had Zhako Alex who could answer questions, distinguished names of objects, defined what they are made of.

The parrot was given a tray with the multi-colored objects made of plastic, a tree and wool. He took them in a beak, felt language, then returned. And when it was asked what "the blue subject with four corners" is made of, for example, correctly answered: "Wool". That is it could correlate color, a form and material of an object to the memoirs.

Zhako Alex could also answer how objects of color what of them is more or less differ, objects or different are similar. And sometimes he did not need to see even a subject in question for example, to call its color – it did it just on memory.

 Alex and Irène Pepperberg of a photo

On a photo: famous Zhako Alex and his Person. Photo: google

Zhako Alex also owned arithmetics. Showed him quantity of objects under one cup, then under the second and under the third, then closed them and asked: "How many?" And the Parrot called total number of objects, without seeing them.

By the way, Irène's presence at experiences was not required. Alex equally successfully coped with tasks as at its presence and when the hostess was not near.

Zhako Alex became famous for the whole world. After his death in 2007 The Economist and The New York Times published obituaries.

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