• Aug 29, 2019

Once again I welcome the dear public! Also I want to offer a new subject today: about feeling which you call the most sublime. Of course, I about love.

you, Cheloveki, are sure that at animals the love is only a reproduction instinct. And only you, хомо sapienses, not just derive pleasure, but also use love sometimes as means to receive the desirable. Even the name it was thought up: love by calculation. Like, only your look has enough mind before to guess.

And so, I will disappoint you.

We will take, for example, Penguins. I think, you watched them on TV. Black-and-white, live in the Arctic, something are similar to people (too have a strange habit to move on two legs).

It is considered that Penguins are beautiful family men, children are raised together, exclusively monogamous, that is choose the partner for the rest of life. It both so, and not so at the same time.

Probably, you know also that they hatch out baby birds in turn: Pingvinikh sits on a nest, and Pingvin gets food, then change. It is important to note that they build nests of stones. Stones is necessary much — they help to save eggs from world around adversities — nevertheless there live penguins in adverse climatic conditions. And in Antarctic stones are a terrible deficiency. As the Italian boots during an era of your prospering socialism, even still defitsitny. As dandelions in the winter. Generally, goods valuable.

And here Pingvin goes to a long voyage behind production. And Pingvinikh at this time … goes to the next nest. Where eggs are hatched out by Other Pingvin whose girlfriend moved off in searches of livelihood too. And Pingvinikh begins to flirt with this Other Penguin. No, not to break family. Just as a result, happy with each other, they disperse. But at the same time Pingvinikh is carried away with itself by a stone from the neighbour's house. To usovershenstovat the nest. And sometimes, "to earn", there is enough only flirtation.

It looks, of course, a little mercenarily. But evolution developed this mechanism that Penguins could in severe conditions give to posterity of a start in life.

And again same question, as always: whether it is so strong you, Cheloveki, you differ from us?

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