• Aug 29, 2019

There is an opinion (not to me to judge, how fair) that in the course of courting for you, Human Ladies, gifts are extremely important. And if this opinion is fair, then this approach is distinguished not only by Chelovekov. But also some Animals. No, not Horses. I speak now about … Spiders! More precisely, about Vagrant Spiders.

 vagrant spider

These Spiders have Males to get access to the Female for reproduction, have to present her a gift. Yes not just like that, and in packing. Yes, Females at them oh what mercenary – will not even begin to talk just like that! And there is nothing to do – Males should run for the most nutritious insects (for example, flies), to catch them and to pack carefully into a web. And packing is important not less, than a gift – it says that all hands at the Male grow from the right place. And that you never know, will not even be able to beat the shelf … oh, it I, apparently, not about Spiders any more, I improve.

But I tell it about decent Males. And there are indecent! They eat previously this fly, and deliver to the Female only an empty mushiny skin. And some do not condescend also before – wrap absolutely unnecessary things in economy in a web: pebbles, sticks, florets or even … own excrement. Do you represent what artful? Horror!

And while the Female develops a gift, the Male has an opportunity to be engaged … in Emm … kind of it to formulate … * thumbs through the dictionary * distribution of the genetic material (in turned!)

If the gift to the Female was not pleasant, she leaves. But if for that time while she studied a gift, the Male nevertheless managed to turn business necessary to it – it, consider, won. If was not in time, the Male selects an unusable gift, again packs and goes to look for other Female – perhaps, more naive. No, well, what rascal!

If a gift suitable, the Female begins to eat it, and the Male has time slowly to finish for what all this was started. But some Females a gift are enough and try to escape, having left the Male with a nose. Too artful!

Females of vagrant spiders did not invent mobile phones so they cannot tell other Females that there are artful Males bringing unusable gifts and to blacklist those. Therefore at these villains as much chances to leave behind posterity, how many and at decent Males. Evolutions all the same to what moral principles they adhere. Therefore the ratio in population of good fellows and rascals never changes.

It is possible to tell that it is about self-interest and insidiousness in love. Females want to eat well only, and Males – that allowed them to a body, and with the minimum expenses from their party. Therefore Males are more and more improved in fraud with quality of gifts, and Females learn to distinguish deception as soon as possible or at all to run, having taken a gift.

I have everything for today. And whether it is similar to your, Human world, to solve to you. On our, Horse, not probably.

 Horses in the winter

But as ahead holidays, I wish all good gifts! Prior to new meetings in new year!:-)

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