• Feb 27, 2020

you, Cheloveki, often call yourself by Masterpieces supposedly most developed from living beings. However recently your, Human, Scientific in it began to doubt …

 horse close up of a photo
On a photo: I, Gonzhik, in person. Photographer: Yuli Syomukh

And, it is necessary to tell, not without the bases began to doubt – without tears to look at what you create with the planet, on which you live, it is impossible, even the Crocodile will burst into tears absolutely sincerely, and you not some on it you live.

And these most Scientific even entered such concept as Specific Genius. What the animal such is?

The specific Genius is extremely high development of cognitive abilities in these or those types Animals. So high that to you, Chelovekam not to surpass in life.

What abilities are? It and mysterious, absolutely inexplicable (why it to them?) ability to classification at Pigeons, and symbolical language of dances at Bees, and ability of Rats to be guided in a labyrinth, much surpassing yours, and ability of the Chimpanzee to distinguish faces and to remember family relations, and talent of the Spotted nutcracker who is memorable location of thousands of hiding places … examples – great variety!

Alas, at Us, Horses, specific the genius was not revealed yet. But, maybe, just badly looked for?

However, those Cheloveki which are not lazy to agree and communicate with us, do not doubt our genius at all!

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